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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: 0.6 of the way to genericizing the test case catalog (Was: Halfwayto...)

At 01/07/06 17:09 -0400, you wrote:
> >I agree that *every* test will have <Source>.xsl ... if anyone can
> >think otherwise, please let us know.
>There are tests whose input is just an XML file with XSLT directives
>embedded in it.

Could we not adopt the convention that a simplified stylesheet still has to 
have the .XSL extension?  I guess not if we don't want to change the 
submitters' files.

>More on that in the "generating scripts" discussion
> >Thanks for the clarification ... so, [Identifier] doesn't include
> >leading or trailing "/" and we will arbitrarily add it on ourselves
> >between <Identifier>/<Source>.xsl
>At our June meeting, we decided that <Identifier> would include
><Source> at the end, and hence would have that / between.

Then I still have the problem of determining the subdirectory in which the 
source file is found.  I think that is going to be important for file 

>I didn't
>picture it as having a leading / for reasons that will become clear

I didn't picture that either as it is relative to the base of the 
submitter's directory.

> >I gather that if no ... <output-file> then we assume
> >... base the name of the output file as
> > <Identifer>/<Source>.xml or <Identifer>/<Source>.htm or
> > <Identifer>/<Source>.txt based on the compare= attribute?
>That was the plan, other than the part about /<Source> being explicit,
>but there could be a loophole when multiple output files are involved.
>(I think there isn't, but review would be beneficial.) The Test Lab will
>want to isolate the outputs to a separate directory, which could be ahead
>of <Identifier>. All other outputs must have a name that includes the
>filetype tag,

What is the filetype tag?

Should we add a compare= attribute to <output-file>?  I just did in my 
local copy of the prototype.  That means, I think, that we *don't* need the 
attribute in <scenario>, so I've removed it.  If a file is produced that 
doesn't need to be checked, then another committee can add a compare type 
of "ignore" to their list of types.

>so the type of compare for those others must be based
>on the tag, or else we'll have to revise how compare works. Does
>anyone want to speak up for the Macintosh community, where the idea
>of filetype is more elaborate?

Maybe I'm confused ... you are referring to O/S issues here ... I thought 
we would be more concerned with confirming the content of the output.

> >>The <elaboration> element is the best example of data that is strictly
> >>for human/language expression. The machine merely displays it and never
> >>makes any decisions based on its content.
> >
> >I agree, but my concerns are about validating the catalogue with a
> >validating XML processor.  If the elaboration contains a <p> element,
> >will it be validated?
>I'm agreeable to allowing a fixed set of markup elements, but that's easy
>for me to say, because none of the elaborations in Lotus/Xalan test cases
>use markup.

Great, then why don't we just use a small set such as <p>, <em>, <strong>, 
<br>, <ul>, <ol>, <li>, <code> and <samp>?  When submitters create the 
OASIS catalogue from their resources they can limit it.  This list is close 
to the Cowan list for the earlier cited IBTWSH DTD.


I'm wondering if this is out of scope.  I agree we should summarize all of 
the inputs and outputs, but think we should leave it to the test lab to 
work it out.

I do not agree we should supply a Java invocation sequence ... perhaps just 
a generic "run" batch file as that invocation will work for both MSDOS 
Command Line and Linux environments and could choose to run Java if desired 
for the tool being tested.

>Think about this, because we
>want to ensure that the catalog has all the right pieces that a Lab
>would need to keep outputs from several test runs well organized.

Sure, but can't we have a Lab tell us it cannot be done?  I would rather 
focus our energies elsewhere.

................. Ken

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