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Subject: Re: Names of test cases (Was: Halfway to genericizing...)

Hi All:

      I fail to see where the great deal of disagreement is.  Regardless of
we assign the "Title" name or the submitter does (which I think is somewhat
irrelevant), the fact remains that once the "title" and "Identifier" are
(regardless of the structure), it is guarantee that the final string is
unique all the way across and that should be enough for
hyperlink in the final catalogue file

I think it was always understood that "Title" refers to the entire suite
(an not a particular test case, at least that is my take on it).

Ken when you talk about preserving the submitter's structure, what do you
If by that you mean preserving the physical structure of directories and
I think we HAVE to do that, what other option will be there?, and what it
won't buy
us much to flatten it out.

I think the final catalogue of tests should reflect that structure, and a
concatenation of the Title, directory name(s) and source should do that.

As far as worrying about who chooses the "Title", I think that's a somewhat
trivial issue, If the Submitter does not provide it, the we make one up.!!

As far as what testing labs need to know, I think Lynda may be a better
person to address that issue.


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