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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: Proposed designation of OASIS pointer type 2

At 01/07/09 11:49 -0400, David_Marston@lotus.com wrote:
>The special versions of the specs that grace the Committee's Web pages
>are a showcase of a detailed text-citation mechanism. The fragment IDs
>are the base, and an "OASISptr1" in the test catalog looks like this:
>In looking at the Catalog of Discretion, we have a similar mechanism,
>but it contains a full URL:

During the development of the prototype, I thought that the Discretion 
document could implement the same kinds of citations as used in the 
prototype: thus making the discretion document genericizable to the same 
suite configuration instance.

My thoughts were to change in the Descretion DTD:

<!ELEMENT item ( spec, choices?, desc )>
                category IDREF #REQUIRED
                cite CDATA #REQUIRED
                expandable CDATA #IMPLIED>
<!ELEMENT spec ( #PCDATA )>

To be (with spec-citation coming directly from the prototype):

<!ELEMENT item ( spec-citation+, choices?, desc )>
<!ELEMENT spec-citation ( place , Version , version-drop? , errata-add? ,
errata-drop? ) >
<!ATTLIST spec-citation
           Rec NMTOKEN #REQUIRED>
<!--Constraints: Rec -> <cite-spec>
<!ELEMENT place ( #PCDATA ) ><!-- syntax of content depends on Type -->
<!-- Type is a Dublin Core keyword -->
<!ATTLIST place
           Type NMTOKEN #REQUIRED>
<!--Constraint: Type -> <cite-type>

That would change:

       <item id="two-attribute-set-same-attribute" 
[1]/div1[7]/div2[1]/div3[4]/p[6])" category="discretionary">

          <spec>7.1.4  Named Attribute Sets</spec>

To be:

       <item id="two-attribute-set-same-attribute" category="discretionary">
         <spec-citation Rec="XSLT">
           <place Type="OASISptr1"
           <Version number="1.0"/>
         <spec-citation Rec="XSLT">
           <place Type="section">7.1.4</spec>
           <Version number="1.0"/>

... which would make the pointing in the Discretionary document more robust.

>I'm working on a better blend of the Catalog of Discretion and the
>test catalog, and I now find it necessary to cite the second type of
>document pointer. I'd like to call that "OASISptr2" for "OASIS Pointer
>Type 2" - any objections?

No objection from me.  Is the need lessened if we adopt the same 
specification referencing scheme in both the Discretionary document and the 
test cases?  Would the package be better accepted if we were more consistent?

>If we do our jobs well, future W3C specs will have fragment IDs or
>other markers that lead directly to testable statements, and we won't have
>to devise mechanism like these.

Actually, if the IDs lead directly to testable statements, the *existing* 
scheme will reveal very short identifiers.  I don't see that a change will 
be required from OASISptr1 if the authored text has more IDs.  I'm 
interested to see what your second scheme is based on.

................... Ken

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