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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Requirements

Hi All:
    Following please find a list of requirements that a user may need
when examining or executing the tests.  Comments?
    1) Which specifications is this test about, XSLT or XPATH?
    2) Which section or area of the specification this test is addressing.
    3) The category of this test (if any).
    4) The test name.
    5) The nature of this test (positive, negative, implementation-defined, etc) .
    6) The expected output to this test (if any).
    7) How do I run the tests?
    7) Description of the tests.
    8) Any secondary files needed by the tests.
    9) Any known problems with any of the tests.
    10) How do I interpret the results? (are they self-explanatory?).
    11) How do I report problems with any of the tests?
    12)  Are there any holes in the test suite? (any areas that
           are not addressed by any test).
    13) When was this test written?
    14) Who wrote this test?
    15) Any test that depends on another test.
    16) Any test output that may be an input to another test.
    17) Is there a test harness available?
    18) Which information do I need to provide to any of the tests?
    19) Any optional tests?, non-applicable tests? 
I realize that some of these items (such as 11) may not quite belong
in this list, but it still an issue for the committee.  Some of them may not be
as relevant (such as the author), but someone may find that
information useful.  I think that the committee already provide plenty
of information for a user to adequately run the tests,  any other
information although useful is not necessary.
Carmelo Montanez
NIST Stop 8970
Gaithersburg, MD 20899

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