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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: xsl:number prototype - draft

Attached is a combined xsl:number tests for our prototype. I didn't
finish expected output generation and test harness sample - working on

In the root folder, control file number.xml has simple structure shown
below. It refers to dtd test-suite.dtd and build from 4 entities that
have set of testcase elements. Each folder contains corresponding set of
test-case elements in entity (lotus.ent, microsoft.ent, saxon.ent and
sun-ron.ent) and control file that includes this entity and refers to
test-suite.dtd from the root. 
Thus you can update submitters test suites with test cases without
regenerating merged test-suite, and still have common dtd for submitters
control file and merged control file. 

<!DOCTYPE test-suite SYSTEM "test-suite.dtd" [ 
  <!ENTITY lotus SYSTEM "lotus\lotus.ent">  
  <!ENTITY microsoft SYSTEM "microsoft\microsoft.ent">  
  <!ENTITY saxon SYSTEM "saxon\saxon.ent">  
  <!ENTITY sun-ron SYSTEM "sun-ron\sun-ron.ent">  

Test case element has the following structure. I will probably change it
to have expected output in out\ subfolder. 
		<Creator>David Marston</Creator>
		<Purpose>Test of numbering of multi-level document with
no attributes specified.</Purpose>
		<Spec-citation Rec="XSLT">
			<Place type="OASIS-ptr1">id(number)</Place>
		<scenario operation="standard">



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