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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Re: Requirements

>>>>  7) How do I run the tests?
GKH>Is this David's scenario concept?

CM>Yup, also for the future (and I cant think of a scenario just yet),
CM>There could be tests that may not fit that scenario.

I think every group trying to use our design will need to set their
own list of scenarios based on the capabilities of the processor they
endeavor to test. In the XSLT case, the "standard" scenario is that a
processor takes two inputs and creates one output. Secondary inputs and
(later) outputs could occur, but the *invocation* of the processor is
not changed. The "operation" part of the scenario describes the
invocation, but you also need the flag that essentially says whether
console output is significant, currently specified as
compare="message" at the scenario level, because that tells the lab
when they must take the extra step of capturing the console output.

If the XSL Working Group starts defining new scenarios for processor
invocation, then we need to reflect that in the scenario data.
.................David Marston

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