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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: RE: Submission & Review Policies

I wrote yesterday:
>The submission policy
>could say something to the effect that we will preserve the directory
>structure of the submitted stylesheets and data, but correct output
>files and (later) parameter-setting files may be moved as needed.

Ken replied, in part:
>Yes, they may be moved, then again a test lab may run them in situ
>(though I wouldn't).

Just to clarify:
I'm saying that the submitter gives us three classes of files:
1. Input data and stylesheets, both primary and secondary
2. Reference output files
3. Some designation of how to set external parameters, yet to be
   designed, for those cases using that operational scenario

We will deliver (1) in the same sub-tree structure it was given to us,
only eliminating test cases that we exclude as not being proper
conformance tests. We will deliver (2) as InfoSetized versions (and
probably the original files as well) in a structure of our own
devising, which will probably be an obvious transform of the sub-tree
structure that was submitted. When we get to (3), files may be altered
and/or put in a different place. So my comments are strictly about the
directory structure of what we deliver, not about anything that the
test lab does with it.
.................David Marston

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