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Subject: RE: Think about updates when writing Submission Policy

> > = David
> = Ken
  = Cris

> Yes, our submissions policy could have a section of "Helpful practices"
> advising submitters of how we plan to work with their information, citing
> that unique names are useful, but if not available then we will
> be relying
> on the subdirectories.

Aren't "Helpful practices" more an issue for a User's Guide?  Although the
current Submission Policy draft does include both policy issues and user's
guide issues, perhaps, as you suggested, we should separate them.

> >Which reminds me: we (Lotus) already use some of Carmelo's test cases
> >in our testing. The Submission Policy should also request that we
> >filter out tests that we know will be submitted by their creators.
> Another good point.

But how would a Submitter know whether the test creator would be submitting
the test, unless both Submitter & Creator were on the Committee?  ;-)

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