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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Draft agenda for August Teleconference 2001-08-21 13:00-15:00EDT

OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member Meeting

Draft agenda for August Teleconference 2001-08-21 13:00-15:00EDT

Roll call and quorum
     Kirill Gavrylyuk, Microsoft Corporation
     Lofton Henderson
     G. Ken Holman, Crane Softwrights Ltd. (chair)
     David Marston, Lotus Development Corp.
     Chris Miller, FutureNext Consulting (observer)
     Carmelo Montanez, NIST
     Ben Robb, cScape (observer)
     Stan Swaren, Pelican Inquiry (observer)
     Lynda VanVleet, Class Integrated Quality, Inc.
     Norm Walsh, Sun Microsystems, Inc.
     Crisman Cooley, Overdomain

- amendments
- motion to accept
     - moved: 2nd:

Minutes of the last meeting
- review of minutes of July meeting
- motion to accept minutes of meeting
      - moved: 2nd:

Reports of standing committees:
- Comparing Output and Role of Canonical XML - Lynda, Carmelo, Kirill
- Discretionary Items - Dave, Kirill

Outstanding action items
  - 20000906-ACT-8: (Ken) model and prototype XML report and exclusion 
instance, working with David's results
  - 20000906-ACT-9: (Carmelo) model and prototype rendition control 
instance and XHTML production working with Ken's results
  - 20010213-ACT-5: (Kirill) document proposed XPath, HTML and text 
information set processes
  - 20010514-ACT-1: (Carmelo) test review tracking methodology and 
  - 20010711-ACT-1: (All) review prototypes as posted
  - 20010711-ACT-2: (All) review Chris's draft prose of policy documents
  - 20010711-ACT-3: (Carmelo) post requirements for information required 
for human-legible report
  - 20010711-ACT-4: (Lynda,David) post requirements for information 
required for test-lab use
  - 20010711-ACT-5: (Ken) propose new document referencing models
  - 20010711-ACT-6: (Kirill) a prototype test bench for internal committee use

Agenda items
  - closure of design questions
  - preparations to take formal submissions according to catalogue

New and old action items for next meeting

Next meeting dates
  - September 25, 2001 13:00-15:00EDT teleconference



G. Ken Holman                      mailto:gkholman@CraneSoftwrights.com
Crane Softwrights Ltd.               http://www.CraneSoftwrights.com/s/
Box 266, Kars, Ontario CANADA K0A-2E0     +1(613)489-0999   (Fax:-0995)
Web site:     XSL/XML/DSSSL/SGML/OmniMark services, training, products.
Book:  Practical Transformation Using XSLT and XPath ISBN 1-894049-06-3
Article: What is XSLT? http://www.xml.com/pub/2000/08/holman/index.html
Next public instructor-led training:      2001-09-18,09-19,10-01,10-04,
-                                         10-22,11-05,12-09,12-10,02-02

Training Blitz: 3-days XSLT/XPath, 2-days XSLFO in Ottawa 2001-10-01/05

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