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Subject: Re: Tracking system and Requirements Info.

Regarding Carmelo's review.html:

We could think of this in workflow terms, where tests move through the
Under Review (see COMPLICATION below)
Accepted (a terminal state)
Rejected (the other terminal state)

The COMPLICATION is that we need to track more than one reviewer looking
at a test. But reviewers look at bunches of tests, so maybe we can deal
with multiple reviewers in a per-bunch tracking table. If we did that,
then "Under Review" might split into "Under Review--need two decisions"
and "Under Review--need one decision", kinda like your three tries to
move out of Jail in Monopoly.

Other bits of information from the proposal can be associated with a
stage of the flow. When the test is "Incoming", you can initiate the
status and you know
1.Who submitted this test?
6.Who wrote this test?
and you also know whether the submitter/writer is actively involved and
would thus be willing to modify a remanded test. I think we also need
to capture the submitter's Date information from the test catalog, so
we can be unambiguous about versions that have been reviewed,
especially when we remand a test and get a repaired one.

As the test moves into review, then you can track the who/when stuff
and each individual reviewer's determination. We may need a "reason"
field for each reviewer to accompany their "decision" field. Perhaps
"other comments" should be separate from "reason" so that we can also
have a place for the more occasional observations. (I suspect that
every decision other than "Accepted" probably needs a reason.)
.................David Marston

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