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Subject: [xslt-conformance] More about joining this Technical Committee

To be on this TC, there are 3 basic criteria:
1. Must be a member of OASIS, either as an individual or as an employee
   of a member organization.
2. Must notify us of your desire to join.
3. Must observe the activities for 60 days from your notification of
   intent to join. (This is the simplified description.)

I believe that Dimitre, Tom, Lisa, and Jeff have given the required
notice of intent.
Alex: I think you intend to join, but I can't find anything on record
about it. Could you send an email to the list stating your intent?
(Perhaps you told Ken your intent in a private email? That would explain
the 2002-05-02 date by your name.)
Other observers: You may notify the TC of your intent to join at any
time. Participating in the August 28 meeting is a good way to start.
.................David Marston

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