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Subject: [xslt-conformance] Agenda for February Teleconference: 13 February2003 (14:00 EST)

OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member Meeting

Agenda for February meeting -- 13 February 2003 (via teleconference)

Note:  this meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm EST (not 1:30)

Roll call and quorum
      Voting members expected:
        Tom Amiro, Sun Microsystems
        Lofton Henderson
        Pranav Kandula, Microsoft Corporation
        Jeff Kenton, DataPower Technology
        David Marston, Lotus Development Corp.
        Carmelo Montanez, NIST
        Zarella Rendon, Individual Member
      Observers expected:
        Patrick Curran, Sun
        Morris Kwan, IBM
        Gauri Sharma, Sun
     - amendments
     - motion to accept

Minutes of the last meeting
     - review of minutes of January meeting
     - motion to accept minutes of meeting:

Reports of standing committees:
     - (none expected)

Outstanding action items
     - New tests
     - Web page for new tests
     - xsl:number questions
     - Kavi system

Agenda items
   - Prototype test suite
     Lots of issues here that will need discussion and votes:
        * What will we ship? Tests, catalog, stylesheets?
        * When will we ship it? In stages, or all at once?

   - Elevation of observers to voting member status
   - Welcome new observers

New and old action items for next meeting

Next meeting dates
     - March 7 face to face
     - April



Jeff Kenton
DataPower Technology, Inc.

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