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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: [xslt-conformance] XSLT Conformance: food for thought

Hello all,

Here are samples of what we have that may become part of our delivered test suite.  The tests themselves and the catalog are self-explanatory.  The supporting stylesheets, script and documentation (see the DOCS subdirectory) will need some work and / or discussion.  Note that this is not a "test harness" and was never intended to be one.  It was always, however, planned as a cleanly bundled package for people to use for their own testing.

1. The existing test suite package (zip file).  Contains various stylesheets, documentation, pseudo code script, but not the actual tests or catalog.

The relevant part of the directory structure looks like this:

$ /bin/ls -R SYSTEM/

cfg2htm.xsl   collcat.dtd  disc.dtd      disc2q.xsl  submits.dtd  valcfg.xsl
citation.dtd  config.dtd   disc2htm.xsl  prose.dtd   valcat.xsl   valdisc.xsl

genxslt.bat  xsltcfg.xml  xsltdisc.xml


And it can be gotten by following Dave's directions:

David Marston/Cambridge/IBM wrote:
> Go to
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/xslt/submissions.html
> and take the "Submission Validation Package".

2. A sample catalog for xsl:number tests -- see attached file:  LotusIBM.xml

3. The xsl:number tests themselves -- see attached file:  numbertests.ZIP

4. The Microsoft tests, submitted by Pranav:  http://www.winisp.net/oasis/xslt/tests

5. There are also rendition instance stylesheets that Carmelo emailed previous to our last meeting.

It will help if we all took a look at the overall framework before the Thursday meeting.



Jeff Kenton
DataPower Technology, Inc.

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