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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Minutes for May Teleconference: 22 May 2003 (14:00 EDT)

OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member Meeting

Minutes for May meeting -- 22 May 2003 (via teleconference) at 2:00pm EDT

Roll call and quorum
    Voting members present:
        Pranav Kandula, Microsoft Corporation
        Jeff Kenton, DataPower Technology
        David Marston, Lotus Development Corp.
        Carmelo Montanez, NIST
        Gauri Sharma, Sun
        Zarella Rendon, Individual Member
    Observers present:
        Morris Kwan, IBM Toronto
        June Ng, IBM Toronto

     - amendments
     - motion to accept

Minutes of the last meeting
     - review of minutes of April meeting
     - motion to accept minutes of meeting

Agenda items
    - Test Suite
      Pranav will update the catalogs for the Microsoft part of
      the test suite to match our documented format.
    - Committee Documents
      We decided that the labguide document was incomplete, 
      and would not be put in the public part of the web site.
      The other four documents have been made public.
    - Where do we go next?
      For XSLT 1.0, we still need tests addressing globalization
      For XSLT 2.0, Carmelo has tests for some of the Functions
      and Operators requirements.  More complete sets of tests are
      expected to be available "later" from other sources.
      We may also be able to provide assistance to the QA WG.

Action items for next meeting
      Zarella and Dave volunteered to see what needs the QA WG has
      that we might be able to help with.

Next meeting date
     - June 19 (Pranav/Microsoft will provide the phones)

     Thanks to Pranav and Microsoft for providing the phones


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