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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Test groupings for 2.0 (lurkers: please note)

By grouping test cases, we make it easier for people to volunteer to
provide cases and for the TCs and TTFs to avoid redundant work. Below is
my proposal for test groups for XQuery and XSLT. Where a group applies to
both XQuery and XPath, the XQuery citations are given because that spec
is slightly larger. (XPath and XQuery are built off the same base document
so that most wording is shared. The main area where XPath has more is that
it has 13 axes vs. 6 in XQuery.) It's actually a finer division than I
originally proposed; after discussing it with some XQuery colleagues at
Microsoft, we thought we should make small chunks that could be
consolidated later if that was desired. A couple more tweaks may be
needed, because I haven't compared this to the May drafts in detail. Since
much of the test case work
spans XSLT and XQuery, and the people overlap, we can have an optimistic
vision of sharing cases.

This also represents an opportunity for lurkers on this list and people
who have considered participation in the past to join the next wave. I
doubt that we would require OASIS membership for a person merely
contributing cases to the collection. So think about it: would you sign
up to write cases in one or more of these categories?
.................David Marston

Accessor - accessor functions (F&O 2)
AttribSet - attribute sets (XSLT 10.2)
AttribValTemplate - AVTs (XSLT 11.1.2 etc.)
Axes - path expressions that mainly concern axes (XQuery 3.2.1)
BinaryType - constructors & functions on base64Binary and
    hexBinary types (F&O 11)
Boolean - boolean values and operators (F&O 7)
BooleanBC - boolean handling in Backward Compatibility Mode
BuiltIn - built-In template rules (XSLT 6.6)
Collate - sort requiring collation (XQuery 3.8.3, 4.4)
CollateFunc - functions requiring collation (F&O 6, 14)
Compare - comparison operators (XQuery 3.5)
CompareFunc - functions like sequence-deep-equal (F&O 13, 14)
    (type-specific compare operators go into group for that type)
Conditional - xsl:if and xsl:choose (XSLT 8)
ConflictRes - template conflict resolution (XSLT 6.4)
Context - setting the context, not covered elsewhere (XQuery 4)
ContextFunc - context-related functions, not covered elsewhere (F&O 15)
Copy - copy instructions (XSLT 11.8)
DateTimeFormat - DateTime formatting (XSLT 16.5)
DateTimeFunc - functions on time-oriented types (F&O 8)
DateTimeType - DateTime constructors and operators (F&O 4, 8.3)
Docs - input(), document(), etc. (F&O 13.1.10, 14.5)
Embed - simplified stylesheets, embedded instructions (XSLT 3.5, 3.9)
ErrorFunc - error() (F&O 3)
FLWOR - FLWOR expressions, including unordered (XQuery 3.8, 3.9)
ForExpr - XPath version, reduced from FLWOR (XPath 3.7)
FuncDef - function definition (XQuery 4.5)
Grouping - grouping (XSLT 14)
IDref - IDs, IDREFs, etc. (F&O 14.5)
IfExpr - conditional expressions (XQuery 3.11)
ImpIncl - import and include (XSLT 3.8)
Instance - instance-of tests, castable (XQuery 3.12)
Key - keys (XSLT 16.3)
Lexical - disambiguation rules and similar grammar details
LRE - literal result elements (XSLT 11.1)
Match - match patterns (XSLT 5.3, 6)
Math - numeric expressions, mainly operators (F&O 5)
Message - xsl:message (XSLT 17)
Modes - template modes (XSLT 6.5)
MultResult - multiple output destinations (XSLT 19)
NamedTemplate - calling templates by name (XSLT 10.1)
Namespace - creation or use of namespace nodes (XQuery 3.2, 4.1)
NamespaceSI - namespace handling with Schema Import module
    present (XQuery, 4.2)
NameURI - data types and functions related to QNames, namespaces,
    URIs (F&O 9, 10, 13)
NodeTest - path expressions that focus on node tests (XQuery
NumberFormat - formatting numbers (XSLT 16.4)
Numbering - xsl:number (XSLT 12)
NumType - constructors and variables of all numeric types (F&O 4)
NumTypeBC - number handling in Backward Compatibility Mode
NumFunc - Numeric functions (F&O 5)
Output - xsl:output, CDATA sections, etc. (XSLT 2.6, 20)
Position - expressions using position(), last(), or count() (F&O 15)
Predicate - path expressions using predicates, other than positional
    (XQuery 3.2.2)
QuantExpr - quantified expressions (XQuery 3.12)
RegEx - functions involving regular expressions (F&O 6.4)
RelURI - relative URIs and file-opening (discretionary item)
SchemaTyping - handling data with type annotations, validate
SchemaTypingSI - handling data types with Schema Import module
    present (XQuery, 4.2)
Select - select expressions combining XPath features (XPath 3)
SeqConstruct - sequence construction, including () and range exprs
    (XQuery 3.3.1)
SeqFunc - functions on sequences (F&O 14.2, 14.4)
SetOp - union, intersect, except (XQuery 3.3.2)
Sort - xsl:sort and related (XSLT 13)
SSFunc - stylesheet-defined functions (XSLT 10.3)
StaticTyping - error tests for Static Typing module (XQuery
String - constructors of all string types (F&O 4, 12)
StringFunc - string functions not elsewhere (F&O 6, 13.1.5)
SwitchExpr - type switch expressions (XQuery 3.12.2)
TypeCast - cast as, treat as (XQuery 3.13) 
TypeCastSI -  cast as, treat as with Schema Import module present
    (XQuery, 4.2)
TypeCastFunc - casting functions across type families; casting within
    numeric or DateTime types is in those groups (F&O 16)
TypeConstruct - constructors for built-in types not in their own
    groups (F&O 4)
TypeErrorBasic - Errors required when Schema Import module is absent
Variable - construction and use of variables (XQuery 4)
    (FLWOR tests would go here if they focus on variables)
Version - forward and backward compatibility (XSLT 3.6, 3.7)
WhiteSpace - xmlspace declaration (XQuery 4.3)
XMLConstruct - XML constructors (XQuery 3.7)

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