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Subject: Re: Minutes for August 21 Teleconference - mention test assertions

I think the minutes should also note that Gauri raised the possibility
that her team at Sun would write test assertions before they write cases.
This is notable (for the historic record) because it may conflict with
or complement our earlier attempts to have detailed pointers directly
into the W3C documents.

Of course, the XSL Working Group can pre-empt the OASIS TC by writing
their official test assertions or by marking up "testable sentences" in
the documents. Numbered productions, which can serve as test assertions,
probably *will* get their own markup. There may be need for additional
interaction between the WG and the TC about assertions. I have CCed a
few people who would be interested in this topic.

At this time, I think that neither our desired markers nor the formality
of identifying testable sentences in the document has been fulfilled by
the WG in the latest public draft. Maybe they plan to implement one or
both of those.
.................David Marston

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