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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: [xslt-conformance] Agenda for September Teleconference: 18 September2003 (14:00 EDT)

OASIS XSLT/XPath Conformance Voting Member Meeting

Agenda for September meeting -- 18 September 2003 (via teleconference) at 2:00pm EDT

Roll call and quorum
    Voting members expected:
      Pranav Kandula, Microsoft Corporation
      Jeff Kenton, DataPower Technology
      David Marston, Lotus Development Corp.
      Carmelo Montanez, NIST
      Gauri Sharma, Sun
    Expected absences:
      Zarella Rendon, Individual Member

   - amendments
   - motion to accept

Minutes of the last meeting
   - review of minutes of June meeting
   - motion to accept minutes of meeting

Agenda items
  - Test Suite
    Catalog improvements uploaded.  Do we need to make them "human readable"?
  - XSLT 2.0 tests
    is anything available now?
    who has plans to create tests?
  - Where do we go next -- continuing discussions
    Feedback from WG?
    Should we run a bug reporting system for test cases?
    Begin to get commitments to submit test cases.

 - Welcome new observers

Action items for next meeting

Next meeting dates
   - October



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