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xslt-conformance message

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Subject: Minutes for June Teleconference

Minutes for June meeting -- June 10, 2004 (via teleconference)
(scribed by DM)

Roll call and quorum

Voting members present:
David Marston, IBM Research
Joanne Tong, IBM Toronto
June Ng, IBM Toronto
Zarella Rendon, Individual Member

Voting members absent:
Gauri Sharma, Sun (may have to go inactive)

Observers present:
Lofton Henderson
Axel Hecht, for the Mozilla Project

Minutes of the last meeting(s)
Approved May minutes without amendment

Action Items from earlier meetings
- Convert Carmelo's XQuery F&O testcases into XSLT (Carmelo and ??)
  Not done. ZR expects to see Carmelo at a meeting and will raise the 
  possibility of re-purposing from XQuery to Xpath.
- Integrate reference files into 1.0 testsuite and post to public area.
  Dave to investigate

Agenda items
- Mozilla report (Axel):
  Mozilla has its own XSLT processor (non-JAXP interface)
  They have been using Xalan tests, want to use whole OASIS suite
  Problem: OASIS suite has all test inputs, but only MS reference output
  Has the same HTML comparitor issues as everyone else
  Does not currently expect to submit any test cases
  May have errata/issues on some cases in the OASIS suite
- When/how to recruit more participants
  DM: Our mailing list has lots of lurkers; they will see more stuff
      as we make better use of Kavi tools; recruit some of them?
  ZR: XSL WG likely to assign a liaison
- Fixing our posted 1.0 test collection
  Needs fixing, according to AH experience reported above
- 2.0 Test case development
  Sun team status unclear
- Selecting a new Chair
  Nobody expressed burning desire for this

- Lofton expects to join (again)
- Still awaiting the posting of a notice on XSL-list, followed by a
  deluge of interest.

Action items for next meeting
- Dave to review the test case bundle that the public can download;
  seems to need repackaging [done July 12]
- Joanne to post a new category list [done June 14]

Next meeting dates
- July 15 confirmed
- August 19 tentatively designated

  Thanks to Joanne/IBM for providing the phones for the meeting

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