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Subject: Draft meeting minutes Jan 28, 2019

Minutes for 28 Jan 2019 TC meeting.


Meeting started at 10 AM PT.



Mohammad Jafari, co-chair (VHA)

Kathleen Connor (VHA)

Mike Davis (VHA)

Suzanne Gonzales-Webb (VHA)

Beth Pumo (KP)

Chris Shawn, co-chair (VHA)


Mohammad: we have quorum.



- Approval of the draft minutes from the last meeting on 11/26/2018:


Mohammad: the minutes were amended per TC admin request to include the links to the artifacts in the motions for public review.

Minutes unanimously approved.


**Public review results:

This was the third public review for XSPA SAML Profile 2.0.

No external comments.

One internal comment from Mike:



Kathleen: What's the use-case for the proposed attributes?

Mohammad: These are used for establishing trust.

Kathleen: These should be part of establishing a trust contract not at the time of exchange. The trust contract should be already in place when the exchange happens.

Mike: This is for the case where there's no trust contract in place and an ad-hoc trust contract is established.

Kathleen: How about follow-up interactions after trust contract was established? Do we need an assertion for that?

Mike: If the trust contrast is established, the provider already knows the requesting party.

Mohammad: The proposed Policy Attestation attribute can hint at compliance with a pre-established trust contract.


Kathleen: Friendly amendment to clarify the use-case for these attributes.


Kathleen moved to incorporate the attributes suggested by the comment.

Mike seconded.

Unanimously approved.


Mohammad will incorporate these into a new draft before the next meeting.


Adjourned at 10:30.

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