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Subject: Draft meeting minutes Apr 15, 2019

Minutes for 15 Apr 2019 TC meeting.


Meeting started at 12:04 PM PT.



Kathleen Connor (VHA)

Mike Davis (VHA)

Mohammad Jafari, co-chair (VHA)

Chris Shawn, co-chair (VHA)

Mohammad: we have quorum.




- Approval of the draft minutes from the last meeting on 02/25/2019:



Unanimously approved.


**Public review results:

This was the fourth public review for XSPA SAML Profile 2.0. No comments were received.



**Next Steps:

Motion to request Special Majority Ballot to approve XSPA SAML Profile 2.0 Public Review Draft 04 (linked below) as Committee Specification:



Mike moved; Kathleen seconded.


Mohammad: I will contact the TC admin to request the ballot.


Adjourned at 12:10

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