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Subject: 12/7/99 Meeting Minutes

Philadelphia Face-to-face meeting
7 DEC 1999

Terry Allen, Michael Weiner, Simon Nicholson, Pam Gennusa, Jon Bosak, Una
Kearns, Laura Walker, Craig Chevrier, Lauren Wood.

1) OASIS and XML.org personnel update [Laura Walker]
Laura Walker kicked off the meeting by introducing Craig Chevrier, the new
Content Editor for OASIS.  In addition, Laura announced that Scott McGrath
would be joining OASIS on 12/20/99 as the new Member Services Manager
responsible for ensuring that OASIS members are deriving value from their
membership.  OASIS will be moving into new office space after the New Year
and is continuing to move forward positively with new hires and increased

2) Ideas for Website progression [Craig Chevrier]
Craig outlined some of the immediate changes that he'd like to implement on
the XML.org site.

A) General improvement of the site quality which includes enhanced
functionality and navigation to and from all OASIS sites.

B) Simplifying the site layout including navigation, design and
presentation and also simplifying some text for non-technical visitors.

C) Improved accessibility for the visually impaired and bandwidth
challenged by making it compatible with a character recognition browser.

D) Adding daily content to the front page by including Robin Cover's
"What's New" section by 1/1/00.

E) Migrating the xml-dev list to XML.org.  A plan needs to be drawn up and
reviewed by Jon Bosak and Lauren Wood.

3) IP policy discussion
There was some confusion as to where the IP policy discussion was going due
to a previously canceled conference call.  It was then learned that the
largely unmodified IETF Intellectual Property Rights section had been
submitted to the OASIS Board for their consideration.  Jon Bosak had some
additional comments that he wanted to be addressed prior to this policy
being adopted by the Board.

4) Identification of RegRep Implementation Team
Discussion was held to decide how we move forward quickly in releasing a
registry and repository.  Everyone agreed that time to market was most
important.  A general discussion took place to weigh the pro's and con's of
whether we would build one repository or multiple implementations that
could be linked together or all connected by a common front end.  There was
general agreement that multiple implementations of the spec would provide
the quickest path for a repository to be built and also highlight the
eventual goal of distributed XML repositories.  A timeline was put in place
to have any XML.org member in good standing be able to submit their
implementation of the spec for review and approval prior to announcement
this spring.

Timeline for RegRep announcement
1. Terry Allen will write a bare-bones user interface specification to tie
together the multiple implementations by 12/17/99.

2. Una Kearns will review the current spec and incorporate any relevant
content from the ebXML  work to deliver a final spec by 12/17/99.

3. 1/7/00 - the final RegRep spec will be sent out to the XML.org members.

4. 2/14/00 - All implementations will be submitted for review to ensure
adherence to the spec.

5. All approved implementations will be announced at the XTECH show.

6. The Repository will come online and be announced at the WWW9 Conference
in mid-May.

The next conference call will be on 1/6/00 from 9-11am Pacific Time.
Details and Agenda to be sent prior to the call.

The next face to face meeting will be held in Orlando in conjunction with
the ebXML meeting.  Details to be announced after the ebXML schedule is

IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

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