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Subject: Re: Next XML.org Face to Face

I am not arriving until Monday afternoon, but I'd be available
for another meeting Tues-Thurs.

We could, of course, do some work via email this week.  

>I believe a worthy goal for next week would be to have an
agreed upon action plan for rollout.

Sounds good, but what specifically do you have in mind?  At
this point I'm more concerned with revisions to the spec
required for this initial implementation, and rollout is
a rather distant prospect.  That is, implementation 
experience will show some places the spec needs to be
revised in order for the implementation to synch with the
spec, before any rollout can happen.  We also need to 
consider the NIST-contributed paper on conformance, which
makes the point that paying attention to conformance during
development pays off.

best regards, Terry

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