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Subject: 2/1/00 Discussion

Orlando Face-to-face Discussion
February 1, 2000

Present: Terry Allen, Simon Nicholson, Una Kearns, Robert Sutor, Michael
Jon Bosak (via phone), Norbert Mikula (via phone).

1) The minutes of the 1/6/99 discussion were never sent.  M. Weiner to

2) General discussion was held regarding a recommendation
to the OASIS Board that we form as a committee based on
organizations rather than individuals.  Since this is not in Robert's
Rules of Order, The OASIS Board therefore must make an exception.
The Board could eventually give the XML.org SC some
decision making authority rather than as an advisory council.

General Discussion was held about forming a technical committee
to make decisions about implementations of the RegRep.

3) Terry Allen and Bill Smith had a mtg. with the folks that
own the Dewey decimal system.  OASIS might want to reconsider the
business model if they are going to license their classification
for our purposes.  OCLC have security concerns for putting Dewey
on the web.  We need to pursue further.  Terry thinks this is
more attractive than the Library of Congress scheme.

Action item: Terry Allen will send out paper of Top Level
classifications and PowerPoint presentation.

Dewey is maintained actively.  Terry thinks NAICS is a vector that
is not the most useful one.  We need Bill Smith to fill us in
on the remainder of the business discussion.

4) General discussion on how ebXML is approaching their
building of a RegRep v. XML.org.

5) General discussion of how we go forward based upon
the proposals brought forward. We suggested that we needed
to have a team empowered to make decisions on questions
raised in the implementation process.

General discussion of how to resolve policy and technical questions
during implementation. We will set up a subcommittee which decisions
would be funneled into the OASIS RegRep TC.  The "rapid response team"
will consist of Terry Allen, IBM, Sun, Documentum, DataChannel and
perhaps an invited expert. This will need to be set up by the OASIS board.
This group will approve the specification document and make all decisions
within 48 hours of receiving a question.

We will go forward with the Documentum/SUN proposal.
The implementation team will produce the functional specification
in two weeks back to the response team for review.

1) We therefore recommend to the Board that we go forward with
the SUN/Documentum implementation and setup the rapid response team.
2) The Documentum/SUN functional specification is due on 2/15.
3) Rapid response team provides response/recommendation to the
OASIS board on the spec by 2/17.
4) Prototype due on 3/20.
5) Final online by 4/15.

Bob Sutor will talk to OASIS counsel regarding questions that we
have regarding these recommendations.

Please let me know if I have inadvertently omitted anything or stated
anything incorrectly.

IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

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