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Subject: RE: metadata info


I do not have the files myself that were sent out and I apologize but I
thought this task had been taken care of by the QA lead and Anne Hendry.
This is rough but I want to make sure you have the info.  Please let me know
if you have questions.  
If any of you have things in mind you want to submitt it would be great if
you could just create a zip file for us containing each of the files and
then a document outlining the metadata and structure, we could then use
these during our walkthrough.   Brian from datachannel has been very busy
getting samples together so we do have a good bit of stuff but it is much
better if this information is filled out by companies who actually really
know what they want to submitt, as a certain amount of guessing has been
1. Submitting Organization
Contact Info:
First Name*     
Last Name*     
Corporate Title     
Submitting Organization Information
Organization  Name:   
Identifier of Organization:     

Submission Information:
Firstly a submission is basically a container/package/grouping that contains
a number of registered items.  
For example:
Chemical Markup Language V1 -- would be a submission in which there may be a
    1. DTD for CML v1
    2. SOX Schema for CML v1
    3. Sample Instances 
    4. Specification
Another example might be Visa Invoice
A submission would be created for Visa Invoice .9
In which would be placed:
Schemas, DTDs, Samples, and Specs for Visa Invoice .9
On the submission the metadata is currently the same as each component in a

The metadata a user sets is as follows:

Title: Chemical Markup Language
Name (Short Name): CML
Description: Short description of what this is e.g. CML is the Chemical
Markup Language ...
Keywords: user defined
language: (Drop down list of language codes)
version: (user-defined)
type: (drop down list of types -- that I am sure we will need to add on to
e.g. DTD, Schema, etc..)
Comments:  Additional Comments
expiration_date: This can be set if the object is to be no longer available
publicily at a certain date.

Metadata that is automatically set is:
1. identifier:  this is the urn that is created for each object.  This is
created from the metadata entered:
    Along with the SO identifier which could be a domain name or DUNS etc..
at this point this is user defined.
    and the identifier for OASIS whatever that may be.

E.g. DTD for CBL 1.0 might look like
This is the first pass at the URN naming and will probably need to evolve.
or for Softquad Journalist DTD

2.  Status:  Based on what stage it is at draft, review, approved, etc..
3. Dates: Approved, Created etc...
Contact Info:
Could give individual contact for the particular submission and each
registered item.  Name, Address, Title, etc.
Related Links:
You can also associate a number of related reference links to a submission
e.g. Schema Home page, Mailing Address etc..
For each link you can have
1. Description
2. URI
So for CML you might a link from the submission to www.cml.org
<http://www.cml.org>  and call it Schema Home Page.
Classification Information:
This will need to be added as this has only come back on the table as a
requirement.   This will be added by the Reviewer and there will be three
types of classifications they can assign Industry, Subject, and Product.  We
will add this in next week during the fixing for QA.
Registered Items:
As I already said above each submission contains a number of registered
items. Each registered item has basically the same metadata as the
submission, as described above.  A registered item can be either hosted by
XML.org in this case the file is uploaded and the format/mime-type is
selected or it can be hosted externally in this case a URI is given.
During QA and during our review I think this will be a great chance for us
to work on the lists of formats excepted and types of things that can be
submitted.  Formats at the moment we have a huge list that we will refine
and the types I believe are probably not enough.     This are all
configurable so they can be added to or things can be removed at any time. 
Other notes:
During Submission Process  when submissions are submitted/rejected comments
are added to state the reasons as well.   e.g. Reason for rejection, 

-----Original Message-----
From: Lauren Wood [ mailto:lauren@sqwest.bc.ca <mailto:lauren@sqwest.bc.ca>
Sent: Thursday, May 18, 2000 10:49 AM
To: xmlorg@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: Re: metadata info

Laura Walker wrote:
> > directly to Lauren while the folks at OASIS figure out how to send
> > copies to the rest of the list?
> I'm not sure I understand this ... is there some reason why Una can't just
> send them to xmlorg@lists.oasis-open.org?  Or are we having a problem on
> side?

As long as they don't get garbled like last time, I don't care how I
get them.


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