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Subject: Re: ACXO minutes on the XML Cover Pages

[Robin Cover:]

| Re the item in the ACXO meeting minutes: 
|     "2. We recommend that XML.org provide the primary
|     interface to the Cover Pages."
| This recommendation of ACXO to the OASIS Board is puzzling
| to me; to the extent that I can guess at a meaning, it's
| also disappointing.  Perhaps if my puzzlement is relieved,
| the disappointment will be banished as well.  I therefore ask
| for clarification that you might be willing to offer.

I think all it means is that the xml.org sponsors want to get as
much juice out of their investment in the page as possible --
as simple as that.

| A. Why should the financial sponsors of the XML Cover Pages be
|    pleased to see the content they "pay for" be given to XML.org,
|    where the brand/content benefit goes in significant measure to
|    the financial sponsors of XML.org?

Good question.  Laura?

| B. Why should the financial sponsors of the XML Cover Pages
|    think this arrangement is fair, given that the sponsors of
|    XML.org may have ZERO (!) commitment to the goals of OASIS, while
|    they (the sponsors of the XML Cover Pages) are required to
|    be an OASIS 'Sponsor' Member in order to quality for
|    sponsorship of the XML Cover Pages? [My understanding is that
|    XML.org sponsors need not be OASIS members at all.]

I believe that the xml.org sponsors do have to be OASIS members.
That's how it was to begin with, anyway.

| [...] My puzzlement is simply this: I cannot envision a
| meaning of:
|   XML.org = "the primary interface to" "the XML Cover Pages"
| which honors the principles of the OASIS agreement.  I am
| sure the ACXO does not intend to recommend a decision
| by the OASIS Board which would be inconsistent with its
| commitments.  Can someone on the ACXO help me understand
| the ACXO proposal in further detail: how it makes sense for
| OASIS Sponsors, how it makes sense for me?

Well, I sure can't.  As I said above, I think that the ACXO
members simply wanted to get the most out of their investment and
weren't really aware of the nature of your relationship with

Can someone from OASIS please shed some light on this?


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