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Subject: Notes on Websockets WD 03

Hi guys,

I have noted the following on the web wd 03 document:

- Abstract, 2nd para, 2nd sentence - sub-protocols should be subprotocols
Same in sect 3.1 4th para, sect 5.1 2nd para, sect 5.2 2nd para, sect 7
1st para

- Sect 1, 2nd para, 2nd sentence - "in-turn" should be "in turn"

- Sect 1, 3rd para, 1st bullet - "pass-through" should be "pass through"

- Sect 1, 4th para, "Web Sockets" should be "WebSocket"

- Sect 1.2, 1st item - it looks like there's an odd character inside the

- Sect 2.1, 3rd and 4th para - one says protocol, the other says
sub-protocol. Which is it? If the latter, should be subprotocol. (I know
[XMPPWS] says sub-protocol -it's wrong ;-)

- Sect 2.2, 2nd para "there MAY be potentiallyŠ" is redundant; remove

- Sect 2.3 - why are the 2 HTTP example sequences labeled as Figures, but
the figure in sect 1 isn't and the protocol visualization in this section
isn't? Same question for section 3.4, 4.1, 4.2, 6.1 (additionally, sect
6.1 labels them Figure X and Figure Y instead of real numbers)

- Sect 3 - the sentence would be clearer written as a set of bullets, such
To establish a connection:
1. open the WebSocket Protocol connection
2. perform a SASL authentication exchange, and
3. open the AMQP connection.
The following sections explain these steps.

- Sect 5.1 - para 1 and 3 are almost the same except for AMQP type code
value. Which one is it?  Para 2 and 4 seem pretty close too.
Sect 5.2 has the same issue.

- Sect 6, 2nd para, 3rd sentence - what is a "majority finished

- Sect 7 has a TODO label - what to do with this?

- Sect 8 - can this be resolved between CSD and CS?

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