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Subject: RE: [amqp] Any topics for today's TC meeting?

Hello Rob,


from the Microsoft side I don’t have any updates right now, mostly due to the fact that the company is somewhat reorganizing the standards engagement roles, as I told you separately.  As an effect of that, the AMQP CBS editor is right now “parked” with me.


I would like get to a very regular cadence and a model where the TC spreads the workload of the chair such that we can make solid progress across the whole set of drafts even when you are not available, Rob. To help with that, we will propose a Microsoft candidate for the co-chair in the next couple of weeks; if things stay as they are that’ll be me.


I also think that another F2F or at least some focused 2-3h online meetings for each of the in-flight specs would help us getting things sped up.


Summary: I am ok with cancelling the TC meeting for today.


Best Regards



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Sent: Friday, October 6, 2017 12:59 PM
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Subject: [amqp] Any topics for today's TC meeting?




as you can see I'm trying to update a few of the outstanding working drafts with comments from existing JIRAs. However I don't have anything concrete to update upon on other topics.


I'd like to have a TC meeting again soon (if only so we can re-establish voting rights to those who habitually attend meetings) but if there aren't any updates from anyone else, I'm minded to cancel (especially as Stefan has already said he is unavailable for today's call).


-- Rob




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