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Subject: DataChannel to Support ebXML Global Business Initiative

DataChannel Participates with United Nations and OASIS to Support ebXML
Global Business Initiative

Bellevue, WA - December 1, 1999 - DataChannel, Inc. the leading developer of
XML-based Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) solutions today announced its
support of the Electronic Business XML Initiative (ebXML), a joint effort of
the United Nations CEFACT and OASIS. ebXML is an open, vendor-neutral
initiative to establish a global technical and semantic framework that will
enable XML to be utilized in a consistent manner for the exchange of all
electronic business data. DataChannel is one of more than 50 organizations
participating in the ebXML initiative. 

"We are very pleased that DataChannel has joined this effort," said Robert
S. Sutor, chief strategy officer of OASIS and Vice-Chair of the ebXML
Initiative. "DataChannel is an active sponsor of the OASIS XML.org industry
portal. We look forward to their contributions to the development of these
important open XML standards for global e-business."

The first ebXML meeting was held November 17 - 19 in San Jose, California,
and was attended by over 120 participants representing more than 50
companies, consortiums, and international standards bodies.

"DataChannel is proud to be part of this exciting and revolutionary
endeavor," said Norbert H. Mikula, 
chief technology officer of DataChannel and chief technical officer of
OASIS. "The impressive list of participants gives this ambitious effort a
very high level of credibility in industry and governments across the

About ebXML
ebXML.org (www.ebXML.org) is an international initiative established by
UN/CEFACT and OASIS with a mandate to undertake a 15-18 month program of
work to research and identify the technical basis upon which the global
implementation of XML (Extensible Markup Language) can be standardized.  The
goal is to provide an open technical framework to enable XML to be utilized
in a consistent and uniform manner for the exchange of electronic business
data in application-to-application, application-to-person and
person-to-application environments.

UN/CEFACT (www.unece.org/cefact) is the United Nations body whose mandate
covers worldwide policy and technical development in the area of trade
facilitation and electronic business. Headquartered in Geneva, it has
developed and promoted many tools for the facilitation of global business
processes including UN/EDIFACT, the international EDI standard. Its current
work programme includes such topics as Simpl-edi and Object Oriented EDI and
it strongly supports the development and implementation of open,
interoperable global standards and specifications for electronic business.

OASIS (www.oasis-open.org) is a non-profit, international consortium
dedicated solely to product-independent data and content interchange.
Focusing on product interoperability, OASIS embraces the complete spectrum
of structured information standards including XML, SGML and CGM. OASIS
operates XML.org (www.xml.org), the first global XML industry portal
featuring the XML.org Registry and Repository that offers automated public
access to XML schemas for electronic commerce, business-to-business
transactions, and tools and application interoperability. OASIS sponsors
include Adobe Systems, AND-USA, Arbortext, Bentley Systems, Boeing, Chrystal
Software, Commerce One, Corel, DataChannel, DMSi, Documentum, Dun &
Bradstreet, Enigma, Excelergy, Extricity Software, GCA, IBM, InformIT, Inso,
InterCAP, Interleaf, Interwoven, ISOGEN, ITEDO, Keyfile, Larson Software,
Microsoft, NextPage, NIST, Object Design, Oracle, POET Software, Reed
Technology, Reuters, Sabre, Sequoia Software, SoftQuad, Software AG, STEP,
Sun Microsystems, Synthbank, System Development, Wavo, Xerox, XMLSolutions,
XyEnterprise and Zeh Graphics Systems.
About DataChannel
DataChannel advances the way the world does business by providing
open-standards-based Internet solutions through its products, services and
partners; ensuring that customers maximize the value of their information.  

Privately held and founded in 1996, DataChannel, Inc. is an XML-based
Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) Solutions company that unleashes
enterprise information over the Internet, making it easier for employees,
customers and partners to participate in your business.  DataChannel's EIP
Solutions Framework(tm) provides the building blocks for a solid e-business
strategy.  DataChannel Server(tm) 4.0, an XML-based portal server, provides
a personalized and secure e-business interface, a core component of the
Framework.  The foundation of the Framework is the XML backbone, which
extends your existing infrastructure by using XML to expose all enterprise
information so that it can be accessed in a uniform manner to build dynamic
Web-based applications.  To learn more about DataChannel, visit the
company's Website at http://www.datachannel.com.

All trademarks or registered trademarks are property of their respective
holders in the United States and/or other countries.

DataChannel Press Contact:	
David Oboyski 						Carl Andrews
Brodeur Porter Novelli					Director of
Marketing, DataChannel
Tel: 602.282.5425						Tel:
Email: doboyski@brodeur.com				Email:

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