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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: STEP UK announces X2X the XML XLink Engine

From:	Jason [SMTP:jsm@stepuk.com]
Sent:	Thursday, December 02, 1999 4:45 AM
Subject:	RE: X2X Press release

STEP UK announces X2X the XML XLink Engine

STEP UK Ltd. announces the beta programme of X2X the XML XLink engine. X2X 
allows for the creation, management and manipulation of links.

X2X allows linking between documents and information resources without 
needing to change either of the source or target documents that are being 
linked. X2X removes the requirement to insert link information inside 
document content. The Links are NOT in the document.

X2X has an extensible architecture to allow resources to reside in any 
data repository. X2X stores links independently of any documents and 
provides facilities to dynamically insert external link structures into 
documents on-demand. X2X stores all the link information within a ODBC/ 
JDBC enabled database, e.g. Oracle or SQL Server. X2X is initially 
developed in Java for cross platform operation. X2X is implemented using 
fundamental linking concepts and understands links defined using the 
latest draft of the W3C XLink proposal.

This scalable technology delivers the ability to associate different data 
resources regardless of their location. X2X allows for the retrieval of 
resources and can dynamically add the external link information without 
altering the original document/ information. The power of linking has been 
harnessed to allow structured information objects such as XML to be 
associated with information lacking structure. The architecture enables 
organizations to store data in the repository of their choice; while XLink 
adherence means that link information can be authored using a variety of 
applications. X2X works independently of the storage, authoring and 
delivery applications.  X2X exposes its powerful functionality allowing it 
to be integrated into any static or dynamic application or service. With 
X2X it is possible to deliver richer information streams to users with 
little or no impact on existing data management procedures.
Technology Preview

The X2X technology preview is available for download at 

STEP UK are keen to hear comments and thoughts on the X2X product from 
those that try it. Please send comments and thoughts to x2x@stepuk.com

If you wish to be further invovled in the adoption and use of this 
technology please contact Jason Markos at jsm@stepuk.com


STEP UK Ltd. provides structured information services to their customers 
based on SGML/XML technologies. Specializing in information 
re-engineering, STEP UK Ltd. services include systems integration, 
consultancy, training and supplying 'best of breed' third party products. 
Drawing on over 100 man years experience in SGML/XML, STEP UK Ltd. are 
able to provide systems and products that are tailored to meet the exact 
needs of its customers.
Recently described in the Gilbane Report as "a centre of excellence for 
SGML/XML", STEP UK Ltd. offer a 'one stop shop' for customers 
requirements, whether it be customized product training, web delivery 
system development or large-scale document management solutions.

Contact information
Email: info@stepuk.com
Web: www.stepuk.com
Tel: +44 (0)1793 485465

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