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Contact Information:
Anne Shannon							Rebecca Burke
Enigma, Inc. 							LNS Communications
781-273-3600, x 3606 					      617-577-9777
AnneS@enigma.com						      rburke@LNScom.com


First in Series of XML Products Included in Enigma’s  ESP Architecture to
Create Vertical Exchanges for B2B E-Commerce; GE Aerospace Initial

BURLINGTON, MA, February 22, 2000 – Enigma, Inc. today introduced
CommerceSight, a new XML-based solution for business-to-business e-commerce,
and the first product to be released within Enigma’s ESP Architecture.
CommerceSight allows companies to leverage existing technical information by
creating vertical exchanges for the e-commerce of spare parts.  The company
also announced GE Aircraft Engines as the first customer to implement the
new system for its Customer Web Center e-commerce site.  This e-commerce
site will now supply jet engine customers with complete lifecycle service
from maintenance, to spare parts ordering and procurement, to installation.

The ESP architecture, which represents ‘electronic spare parts’ on the sell
side, and ‘enhanced spares procurement’ on the buy side, further underscores
Enigma’s commitment to enabling customers to create vertical exchanges.
Together, the ESP architecture and CommerceSight comprise a complete,
content-driven solution that goes beyond basic B2B procurement and order
fulfillment.  With this technology, a mechanic working on, for instance, a
jet engine,  has instant online access to customizable maintenance manuals,
system and part diagrams, descriptions and service bulletins.  Based on the
content, the mechanic can identify the parts needed for service, instantly
place an order online and have the parts delivered for installation.  This
accelerates and improves the accuracy of spare parts procurement because the
end user – the mechanic – is able to specify what’s needed without
intermediate steps.  The result is improved equipment uptime and service
delivery, better on-time performance and reduced service delays.
Enigma Announces ‘CommerceSight’ for High-Value, B2B e-Commerce  -- Page 2

“Our ESP architecture and products present a complete change in the way
companies can and must move operations to e-business now,” said Jonathan
Yaron, CEO of Enigma Inc.  “So far, the B2B shift has barely scratched the
market surface, providing what are essentially parts catalogs for
procurement and transaction.  That is fine for ordering low-value,
high-volume parts, but inadequate for managing high-value platforms and
systems.  Content, in the form of maintenance and technical information, is
critical for these products.  Until now, this complex content has been
separated from the process of procuring parts to complete maintenance.
Enigma’s solutions deliver a turnkey, vertically integrated system that can
replace older business processes with faster, more efficient Web-based
methods.  Enigma alone bridges the entire B2B lifecycle, offering
content-driven sell-side systems.”

The new XML-based products employ patented, open-system Enigma innovations
in XML and XSL technology.  Both the ESP Architecture and CommerceSight are
based on Enigma’s industry proven INSIGHT and Dyna e-publishing and
e-catalog products for content-rich applications.  Currently, over 10
million users at companies including Rolls Royce, Pratt & Whitney,
Bombardier, Honda, John Deere, 3Com, HP, Sun Microsystems, Nokia, Motorola
and others employ Enigma products.

Key INSIGHT 6.0 and CommerceSight Features
INSIGHT 6.0 delivers major new enhancements including an XML-based
illustrated parts catalog; server and client-side XSL transformation with
integration of the Synex XSL engine; CGM graphics improvements for automatic
hot spotting and improved web display and Java extensions for embedding
dynamic information such as pricing into status parts catalogs.

CommerceSight incorporates the INSIGHT 6.0 features and includes integration
of INSIGHT eIPC into DynaText/Web applications.  It also includes a variety
of middleware SDK and integration modules for tying e-publications into
portals, for user and effectivity personalization, for community chat and
note posting, for ERP and JDBC connectivity into procurement systems and for
security control.

Enigma also provides an array of portal and partner integration, consulting
and design services for rapid deployment and ongoing support.

- more -

Enigma Announces ‘CommerceSight’ for High-Value, B2B e-Commerce  -- Page 3

Patented ESPXML Innovations
ESPXML is a completely open XML implementation that handles all XML specific
interchanges through a native XML database and XSL transformation engine.
The XML database is an XML application that can be distributed and installed
on remote Web servers, networks or CD-ROMs.  This application integrates
with all Web-enabled (XML or HTML based) local applications such as
procurement, ERP and content management applications.  The XSL
transformation engine gives the ESP architecture the power to address
different interchange formats in real time.  This allows content providers
to easily tailor their applications according to different buyer information
needs and technological support.

Pricing and Availability
CommerceSight is available now.  Pricing starts at $150,000 per server
Insight 6.0 is available now.  Pricing starts at $45,000 per server license.


About Enigma
Enigma, Inc.  (http://www.enigma.com) leads the market in content-driven B2B
e-commerce for spare parts.  The company's newly announced ESP (electronic
spare parts) architecture, which includes CommerceSight for high-value B2B
e-commerce, emphasizes Enigma's commitment to continued development in the
area of vertical exchanges.  Typical applications of Enigma technology
include e-commerce sites, e-catalogs, eIPCS, IETMs and self-service product
support.  Enigma's rapidly expanding list of customers includes GE Aircraft
Engines, Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, Hewlett-Packard, Ameritech, Lucent,
Bell South, Nokia, Sybase, Sun Microsystems, John Deere, Mack Trucks,
Freightliner, Motorola, Cummins Engines and United Airlines.  Enigma is a
privately held company, headquartered in Burlington, Mass. with offices in
San Francisco, London, Munich, Amsterdam, Toronto, Tokyo and Tel Aviv.

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