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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: Enigma Provides Key e-Commerce Application for GE Aircraft Engines


		Enigma Contact:
		Anne Shannon
		Marketing Director
		Enigma, Inc.
		(781) 265-3606

Enigma Provides Key e-Commerce Application for GE Aircraft Engines

Enigma Provides the Only Comprehensive Content-Rich Sell-Side e-Commerce
Solution for Online Technical Information and Ordering of Engine Parts

Burlington, Mass., February XX, 2000 -- Enigma Inc., the leading provider of
business-to-business e-commerce for spare parts, announces that its
CommerceSight solution is an essential part of the Customer Web Center (CWC)
site for GE Aircraft Engines (GEAE).  Enigma’s advanced ‘sell-side’
e-commerce solution enables GEAE to offer its customers a comprehensive
technical content and customer service portal for the aftermarket business.

With revenues of more than $10 billion and over 30,000 employees worldwide,
GEAE is the world’s leading manufacturer of commercial and military aircraft
jet engines. Its extensive customer-base includes many of the major airlines
and aircraft maintenance and overhaul providers. By automating the
identification and acquisition of aircraft engine technical information and
spare parts, GEAE will effectively enhance customer productivity.”

“GEAE has consistently led the market with state-of-the-art technology for
commercial and military aircraft engines,” said James McNerney, president
and chief executive officer at GEAE.  “As the industry leader, we are the
first to deliver this integrated e-commerce platform for our after-market
business.  We believe that the Customer Web Center will benefit our
customers by enabling rapid access to the spare and replacement part
information that is critical to maintaining aircraft engines.  Enigma’s
CommerceSight allows GEAE to once again provide our customers with the
highest level of service and ensure that they receive optimum value from our

Powered by Enigma, the GEAE e-commerce site allows end-users to navigate
between service bulletins (SBs), Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs) and
engine manuals in one integrated, comprehensive system, significantly
accelerating the time to market for spare parts.  Enigma also streamlines
the previously time-consuming process of disseminating current technical
updates via temporary revisions (TRs) and service bulletins, delivering the
continually current information that is integral to the Spare Parts Ordering

“We conducted an extensive search to find a partner who could deliver the
advanced functionality we needed to meet our e-Business initiatives that
truly drive customer productivity,” noted David Overbeeke, e.Business Leader
at GEAE.  “In the end, Enigma was the only vendor whose technology satisfied
our stringent requirements and time constraints. Enigma leads the market
with its XML-based technology for business-to-business technical information

The site will contain the entire technical publications library for each of
GE’s engines, including the IPCs, Engine Shop manuals, Standard Practice
Manual and all Service Bulletins, as well as additional publications such as
Fleet Highlites and Engine Data Submittals. The IPC provides dual pane
(illustration and parts list) display for more than 300,000 spare parts.
The site offers multiple ways to access the IPC and associated technical
information, including visual access, interactive tables of content,
topic-specific query capabilities, and hyperlinks.  Once users have located
the necessary part, they can create an order in the online IPC using a
customized spare parts shopping basket.  The order is then transmitted,
using Enigma’s enhanced functionality, to GEAE’s Spare Parts Ordering
Center, which contains pricing, inventory and availability information.

“We are very excited to be an essential part of GEAE’s Customer Web Center,”
noted Jonathan Yaron, chief executive officer at Enigma.  “With our
CommerceSight solution, we were able to automate GE’s data delivery and
launch the portal in less than three-months. The site is dynamically updated
so that users can access current product content and navigate directly to
the Illustrated Parts Catalogs (IPCs) and associated manuals and seamlessly
purchase the required parts online.  This site will dramatically streamline
the buying experience for GEAE customers, and result in improved
productivity and equipment uptime.”

The initial release of the GEAE e-commerce site features the CF6-80C2, GE90,
CF34 RJ,  and CF34 BJ models, with the additional engine models coming
online over the next six months. With more than one million pages of content
on the site, GE has differentiated itself in the aerospace market, and
demonstrated its ability to lead the market in migrating all of its
technical content to the Web.

Enigma Provides Key e-Commerce Application for GE Aircraft Engines – Page 3

About GE Aircraft Engines

GE Aircraft Engines is a world leader in the design, development, and
manufacture of turbojet, turbofan, turboprop, and turboshaft engines for
civil and military aircraft, and aeroderivative engines for marine
applications.    Headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, GE Aircraft Engines
comprises four engine production facilities, seven satellite plants, and
numerous engine service facilities through the world. For more information,
visit the company's Web Site, www.geae.net

About Enigma

Enigma, Inc. (http://www.enigma.com) leads the market in content-driven B2B
e-commerce for spare parts. The company's newly announced ESP (electronic
spare parts) architecture, which includes CommerceSight for high-value
sell-side B2B e-commerce, emphasizes Enigma’s commitment to continued
development in the area of vertical exchanges. Typical applications of
Enigma technology include e-commerce sites, e-catalogs, Illustrated Parts
Catalogs, IETMs, and self-service product support. Enigma's rapidly
expanding list of customers includes GE Aircraft Engines, Pratt & Whitney,
Rolls-Royce, Hewlett-Packard, Ameritech, Lucent, Bell South, Nokia, Sybase,
Sun Microsystems, John Deere, Mack Trucks, Freightliner, Motorola, Cummins
Engines and United Airlines. Enigma is a privately held company,
headquartered in Burlington, Mass. with offices in San Francisco, London,
Munich, Amsterdam, Toronto, Tokyo and Tel Aviv.


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