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Subject: OASIS MEMBER NEWS: SoftQuad Announces XMetaLT 2.0

Heather Grant
Account Executive
130 King Street West, Suite 2810
Toronto, ON M5X 1A9
Tel: 416-860-3899 ext 3609
Fax: 416-941-1090
Email: Heather@itpr.com

News Release

SoftQuad Announces XMetaL™ 2.0
New features deliver easier XML content creation, and more rapid
deployment of effective content solutions

PARIS, France – XML 2000 Europe – June 12, 2000 – SoftQuad Software, Ltd.
BB: SXML), an internationally-recognized developer of XML enabling
technologies and
commerce solutions for e-business, today announced XMetaL 2.0, a major
upgrade to its
advanced, yet easy to use XML content creation solution.

The new version of XMetaL makes it easier for everyone to create XML
content, and
provides integrators even greater flexibility in deploying effective content
solutions for
real world production environments. Key features to this upgrade include
well formed
editing, a new Structure view, support for more advanced XML constructs and
customization options.

"XMetaL 2.0 significantly raises the bar for XML content creation," said
Drassinower, president and CEO, SoftQuad Software, Ltd. "Now companies can
and deploy highly-productive XML content applications in electronic
publishing, e-
commerce and knowledge management that everyone within an organization can

XMetaL 2.0 provides new features and functions for deploying effective
content creation
environments that integrate seamlessly with an organization's applications
and workflow
processes. XMetaL 2.0 features built in access to script engines and a
Script Editor that
supports code coloring and pretty printing. XMetaL 2.0's Forms Editor
facilitates the
creation of custom dialog boxes to bring windows dialogs and behaviors right
into the
document interface. XMetaL provides support for inline ActiveX controls and
features an
extended object interface that allows embedded ActiveX controls to be hosted
within a
Resource Manager tab. Plus, XMetaL 2.0 features enhanced support for
advanced XML
constructs like internal subsets, parsable external entities, the DOM, OASIS
catalogs, and
UTF-16 (Unicode) encoding.

"The beauty of XMetaL for integrators is the flexibility it provides for
customizing the
interface for different users, and the speed with which it can be integrated
with your XML
systems," said John Turnbull, XMetaL product manager. "Many of these
can be performed using menu-based controls, or writing script level code.
That means
that XML applications that use XMetaL can be deployed faster and used more
than anything else in the market."

Software AG, Europe's largest system software vendor, has chosen XMetaL as
content creation solution for their XENON architecture, the first complete
architecture for
XML applications designed specifically for the development of electronic

Dr. Helmut Wilke, president and CEO of Software AG Inc. says: "Our XENON
architecture for commercial XML applications enables us to integrate 'best
of breed'
components from the world's leading independent software vendors. With the
release of
SoftQuad's XMetaL 2.0, we are confident that XENON will deliver the very
best XML
content creation solution to our customers."

XMetaL 2.0 also provides new, versatile, easy-to-use, XML authoring
capabilities. It
supports well-formed editing, so users can open and edit documents without
DTD and work with document fragments.  As well, XMetaL 2.0's new Structure
provides a quick way to navigate and edit documents.

"XML content is growing as fast as e-business applications are being
developed," said
Frank Gilbane, editor of The Gilbane Report, a seven year-old journal for IT
covering computing and content.  "Because a successful e-business requires
the sharing
of content across virtually all e-business functions, the number and type of
creating, accessing, and integrating XML content is increasing dramatically.
As a result,
products such as XMetaL that facilitate the creation and integration of XML
across and between organizations, need to be included in e-business
infrastructure purchases."


XMetaL 2.0 will be available in late June 2000.  New users can purchase
XMetaL 2.0 for
$495.00 (US) per single user license. Registered owners of XMetaL 1.0 or 1.2
with a
support and maintenance contract can upgrade to XMetaL 2.0 for $75.00 (US).
Without a
maintenance contract, the upgrade price is $195.00 (US). The product is sold
directly and
through VARs and OEMs.  Volume discounts, site licenses, partner programs
and on-site
training are all available.

About XMetaL

SoftQuad XMetaL 2.0, the premier enabler for XML-based content applications,
the power and flexibility required to create and work with XML content in a
production environment. Combining state-of-the-art XML editing features and
the ideal
front-end to e-commerce, e-publishing and knowledge management applications,
XMetaL 2.0 makes it easy for an entire organization's user-base to create

System requirements include Windows 95/98, NT 4.0 and Windows 2000, a
compatible processor, 32 Mb of RAM, 50 Mb available hard disk space, 256
display, 640 x 480 resolution or higher, and a CD-ROM drive for

About SoftQuad Software, Ltd.

SoftQuad Software, Ltd. (OTC BB: SXML) is an internationally recognized
developer of
XML enabling technologies and commerce solutions for e-business. A founding
of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), the Organization for the Advancement
Structured Information Standards (OASIS) and XML.org, SoftQuad has been
instrumental in shaping and developing both the standards and technologies
that are
changing the way companies exchange information and do business over the

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with European operations based in London,
was first to market with an advanced, yet easy-to-use, XML content creation
XMetaL. It has already become the premier enabling technology for XML-based
applications in electronic publishing, e-commerce and knowledge management.

For more information, visit SoftQuad's Web site at http://www.softquad.com


Note to editors:  If you're interested in viewing additional information
about XMetaL or
SoftQuad Software, Ltd., including technical specs, downloads, screen shots
and box
pictures, please visit the SoftQuad web page at http://www.softquad.com

Caution Concerning Forward-Looking Statements

This press release contains "forward-looking statements" within the meaning
of the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995. Words such as "anticipates", "estimates", "expects",
"will", "should", "projects", "intends",
"plans", "believes" and words and terms of similar substance used in
connection with any discussion of future
operating or financial performance identify such forward-looking statements.
Those forward-looking statements are
management's present expectations of future events.  As with any projection
or forecast, they are inherently susceptible
to uncertainty and changes in circumstances.  SoftQuad is an early-stage
growth company that operates in a highly
competitive and rapidly changing environment, and its business results are
dependent on numerous factors, including
demand for its products and services, its ability to manage costs and
generate revenues, technological developments,
protection of its intellectual property rights, its ability to attract and
retain key personnel, the resolution of issues
concerning commercial activities via the Internet, including security,
reliability, cost, ease of use and access,
government regulation, risks related to international sales and potential
foreign currency exchange fluctuations,
economic, political and social conditions in the countries in which it
operates and other risks detailed from time to time
in periodic reports filed by SoftQuad with the U.S. Securities and Exchange
Commission and other regulatory
authorities. SoftQuad's actual results could differ materially from
management's expectations because of such factors.

For further information on SoftQuad Software, contact:

David Terry
ITPR (for SoftQuad Software)
(416) 860-3899 ext. 3607

Sacha De Groot
ITPR (for SoftQuad Software)
(416) 860-3899 ext. 8026

Fax: +1 978 667 5114

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