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Subject: Whitehill Technologies Unveils New <XSL>Composer Product at XML W orldin Boston, MA

September 6, 2000 				FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Whitehill Technologies Announces New Product

Whitehill <xsl>Composer replaces the need to hand code XSL.   

BOSTON, MA - Canadian software firm, Whitehill Technologies Inc., leader in
Document Transformation software solutions, has launched an exciting new
software product - Whitehill <xsl>ComposerTM - at the XML World 2000 show in
Boston, Massachusetts. 

Whitehill <xsl>Composer is the next generation of web-enabling software.
Whitehill <xsl>Composer can quickly be deployed as part of a development
process that requires the generation of XSL.  Using existing XML (extensible
markup language), Whitehill <xsl>Composer automatically creates XSL/CSS
(cascading style sheets), which can be used to render electronic bills,
statements and reports. 

"We are proud to be able to offer such a powerful and unique tool to the
XSL/XML development marketplace," says Bob Rybak, President and CTO of
Whitehill Technologies, Inc. "Whitehill <xsl>Composer was created to fill a
void in the development industry where the hand-coding of XSL (extensible
style sheet language), is still the standard.  A true WYSIWYG type
environment that automatically creates XSL from existing XML code is very
much anticipated by the industry."

Electronic commerce has changed the way companies around the world compete
for business.  XML has emerged as the standard for efficient web based
communications.  Until now, the creation of XSL to render XML electronically
has been an entirely manual process.  Whitehill <xsl>Composer facilitates
e-commerce by making aspects of an e-commerce system work more effectively.
Benefits of this software include Microsoft compatibility, utility for
business-to-business applications, and also rapid deployment at customers'
site with no changes to existing systems.

About Whitehill
Whitehill Technologies Inc. is a leading provider of e-business
infrastructure software for the capture and transformation of legacy data
into e-enabled business information.  Whitehill products enable small to
medium size companies to deploy complete E-Business solutions with
unprecedented speed.  More than 150 companies in 32 countries currently use
Whitehill products as part of their e-commerce strategy. Over 50,000 users
of Whitehill Document Transformation and E-Business Solutions rely on
Whitehill to significantly improve their back office processes and web
enable their legacy systems.

Headquartered in Moncton, New Brunswick, Whitehill Technologies provides
software solutions, professional services and technical support to customers
around the world. More information about Whitehill Technologies is available
through the company's web site located at www.whitehill.com

- 30 -

For further information, please contact:

Jim Laffoley, VP Marketing
Whitehill Technologies Inc.
(506) 855-0005, ext. 253

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