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Subject: Oasis Member News: Chrystal and Maris Cut Costs of Training by 40 -60%



March 21, 2001, Slough, UK -- Companies can now prepare and manage
personalised training courses for all their staff at a fraction of the cost,
using the combined expertise of Chrystal Software and Maris Technologies.
Chrystal's suite of high-performance content management and delivery
solutions now integrate with the Maris Edugen e-learning engine, creating an
end-to-end, XML based training development and delivery system. Companies
deploying the combined offering can see savings of over 40% compared with
other e-learning solutions.

E-learning has already been identified as a cost-effective method of
improving employee performance. Using the eXtensible Mark-up Language (XML)
these savings are increased further as the editorial and update processes
can be automated, speeding delivery and reducing the number of stages
required. Chrystal and Maris' solution has even greater benefits for
companies with a multi-national workforce as the combined offering can cut
the costs of translation by an extra 50%. 

Chrystal's solutions manage data held in central corporate repositories and
work with Edugen to automatically update training programmes. They will also
simultaneously amend related documents such as tutor manuals, and begin any
translation process that is required. Edugen will then format and logic test
the training material before delivering it via the Web, corporate intranets
or on CD. 

"A critical factor in the success of any business is the availability of
accurate and up-to-date training for the employees," said Frazer Robinson,
VP of European Operations at Chrystal Software. "Our partnership with Maris
Technologies leverages our technical strengths to offer real improvements in
the quality and delivery of training information to our customers".

"We chose to partner with Chrystal because of its proven expertise in XML
and its great history of international success," said Julian Clayton,
managing director at Maris Technologies. "This alliance creates a
best-of-breed e-learning experience that will add visible value to a
company's workforce."

Background Information

Chrystal Software is a Xerox New Enterprise company whose mission is to
design and deliver innovative content management solutions. Headquartered in
San Diego, USA, with European Headquarters in London, Chrystal Software's
patented technology was originally researched and developed at the Xerox
Palo-Alto Research Centre and first came to market in 1995. Chrystal's
latest product Eclipse uses XML (eXtensible Markup Language) and Java based
applications to tag and assemble individual pieces of web-based information
to create a quality content management and delivery solution to the Web or
any wireless device. 

Chrystal Software provides out-of-the-box solutions that address the need
for efficient, cost effective information management, retrieval and delivery
enabling companies to reduce costs while increasing revenue through the
effective utilisation and sharing of corporate knowledge. 

The company has a worldwide presence with partners in key markets such as
automotive, aerospace, telecommunications, publishing, and finance.
Customers include Jaguar, Ford, Fiat, Land Rover, MCC Smartcar, Renault,
Saturn and Mercedes Benz. Other customers include Sun Microsystems, Lockheed
Martin, Dell Computers, Texas Instruments, Lucent Technologies, Compuware,
Lexis Nexis and the Electronic Telegraph.

Further information can be found at the company's Web site, www.chrystal.com
<http://www.chrystal.com> .

About Maris

Established in 1992 and employing more than 80 specialist programmers and
software engineers in London and Moscow, Maris Technologies (formerly Maris
Multimedia) is one of the worlds leading online publishing and development

UK based Maris has developed and is successfully using Edugen* , a unique
XML based e-learning engine, to create and deliver dynamically generated
web-based training. 

About Edugen

Edugen* delivers the following organisational benefits:

Cost Huge cost savings in migrating high volume, highly volatile material
into online learning environment

Open Architecture Compatible with existing, and future- proofed for next
generation, IT and e-learning infrastructures

Relevant Precisely targeted, effective and measurable training interventions

Control Can be automatically updated and easily maintained internally

For more information visit: www.maris.com or www.edugen.com 

For further press information on Chrystal Software, or to request a
one-to-one interview and demonstration please contact:

janet_waplington@chrystal.co.uk <mailto:janet_waplington@chrystal.co.uk>  

For further press information on Maris Technologies or to request a
one-to-one interview and demonstration please contact:




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