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Subject: OASIS Member News - Vordel in world first transmission of securewireless XML using Windows CE

Vordel announces world first for secure wireless XML transactions
using Windows CE on PDA device

Dublin, Ireland - 30 April, 2001- Vordel, leading provider of
solutions for secure business communications, today announced a
technical world first for the wireless transmission of secure XML

By integrating e-security from Baltimore Technologies, Vordel has
successfully developed a secure Windows CE version of its TalkXML
product suite, which allows the transmission of secured XML
information over the GSM network from a hand-held PDA device.

Vordel is a world leader in the development of software products that
enable companies to exploit the commercial opportunities presented by
XML and digital signature technologies. A company can now send and
report data of a sensitive nature, signed and encrypted over a GSM
network using a standard PDA device.

"This development removes the dependence on proprietary software
solutions for hand-held devices by allowing companies to use any
device running the Windows CE wireless operating system," David Ryan,
CEO of Vordel, explained.

"Any organization that has a requirement for mobile reporting of
sensitive data will enjoy significant cost savings using this
solution. The reporting of mission-critical data securely from a
mobile workforce in different locations is of particular relevance to
industries such as aerospace, military, health and utilities."

Microsoft Corp's senior director of marketing for the Embedded and
Appliance Platforms Group, Keith White, agreed. "The ability to
securely exchange data is critical in wireless commerce, and with the
growth in the mobile workforce it is imperative that next-generation
smart devices support this," White said.

"Vordel's TalkXML in combination with Windows CE-based smart devices
will enable embedded developers to develop rich, secure handheld
solutions for these mobile workers."

John Fallon, Director of Wireless at Baltimore Technologies, explained
how Vordel's TalkXML and Baltimore's solutions work together: "Digital
certificates deliver the high level of trust required in mobile
e-business," Fallon said.

"This announcement from Vordel is an innovative application of
Baltimore KeyToolsÔ which extends out the benefits of end-to-end
security based on XML to the wireless world."

Chief Technology Officer at Vordel, Mark O'Neill, spoke about the
company's latest breakthrough. "The Windows CE version of TalkXML
permits a company field representative to complete and encrypt an XML
form that is accessible via a web browser on the PDA device. The data
formats will correspond to any standard guidelines or Schemas and
Document Type Definitions (DTDs), as recommended by different

"Because the information is transmitted using XML, Vordel's wireless
solution is easily integrated with a corporation's legacy back-end
systems," O'Neill concluded.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in
software, services and Internet technologies for personal and business
computing. The company offers a wide range of products and services
designed to empower people through great software - any time, any
place and on any device.

About Baltimore Technologies

Baltimore Technologies develops and markets security products and
services to enable companies to develop trusted, secure systems for
e-business, the Internet and mobile commerce. Its products include a
wide range of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) products and services,
wireless e-security solutions, cryptographic tool-kits, access control
& authorization, content security (MIMEsweeper products), security
applications and hardware cryptographic devices. Baltimore's global
professional services organization offers a wide variety of
consulting, training and deployment support to its customers
worldwide. Baltimore Technologies markets and sells its solutions
worldwide directly and through the TrustedWorld™ partner program.
Baltimore TrustedWorld includes many of the world's leading technology
companies and a wide variety of global, regional and local business
alliance partners.

Baltimore Technologies employs more than 1200 people worldwide and
operates from over 38 cities, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland;
London, UK; Boston, USA and Sydney, Australia. Baltimore Technologies
plc is a public company with dual listings on NASDAQ (BALT) and the
London Stock Exchange (BLM).

About Vordel

Vordel develops products that increase business efficiency and
security, and reduce communication costs.

The TalkXML suite from Vordel easily facilitates secure data
transmission using digital certificates over public or private
networks, and between new and existing systems.

TalkXML immediately raises the bottom line of any business by allowing
existing systems and people to communicate securely using XML. TalkXML
secures business communications, and extracts additional value from
existing IT infrastructures by allowing inter-enterprise integration.

Vordel is headquartered in Dublin, with sales offices in the USA and
UK, and has partners in Ireland, UK, Switzerland and the USA.
For further information please visit the Vordel website:
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