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Subject: Quadrem eBusiness Exchange joins the Open Applications Group !

We are pleased to announce that Quadrem has joined the Open Applications
Group!  Quadrem is the new eMarketplace for the global Mining, Minerals and
Metals industries

Quadrem's vision is "To create an open, independent, global eMarketplace
is pre-eminent in the mining, minerals, and metals industries which will
sustainable value to suppliers and buyers".  More information on Quadrem is
at: www.quadrem.com.

"We are very excited to have Quadrem join the Open Applications Group," said
Connelly, President and CEO of the Open Applications Group.  "Quadrem is the
eBusiness exchange that we know of that has chosen to use our OAGIS XML and
we plan
to work closely with them to ensure the Group's efforts continue to meet
their needs."

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