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Subject: EDS study on XML Standards says OAGIS is most widely used


Here are a couple of quotes from that study.

". . . the OAGIS standards proposed by the Open Applications Group,
Inc., are already well-developed.  There are more than 170 schemas or
document type definitions (DTDs) published and in use.  Like ebXML this
standard covers many areas and appears to be one of the most widely adopted
and supported standards.  It may well win the battle to become the DE FACTO
XML standard just because its early release has allowed tool vendors and
application developers to incorporate support for this standard."

[NOTE: The OAGI is adopting the ebXML framework use and the two will fit
"hand in glove".  A detailed technical document is underdevelopment at this

"The Open Applications Group Integration Specification (OAGIS) contains at
least 170 business-object DTDs that span a number of topics within the
e-commerce area.  This is a mature standard that has widespread support, a
large number of product implementations, and a diverse membership that
includes the major ERP vendors, the major EAI vendors, the major e-commerce
application vendors, and the major translation tool vendors.  These members
seem to be further along in developing internal support for OAGIS than for
other XML standards organizations.  This is partially due to the maturity of
the standard and to the reputation of the Open Applications Group and their
active involvement in marketing the standard and in forming corporate
alliances.  They are currently demonstrating the “hands-free” processing of
communications in supply chain transactions, warehouse management systems,
and ERP systems for clients such as Ford Motor Company, Lucent Technologies,
and Lockheed Martin.  This appears to be a mature, interoperable and
increasingly ubiquitous standard."

You can download the study here prepared by EDS here:

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