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Subject: Oasis Member News: IBM's XML Briefing Days

IBM hosts worldwide "XML Briefing Days" for developers, software engineers,
program managers and IT architects

XML is fast becoming the universal model for data representation, data
exchange, and application integration in developing e-business solutions.
The IBM XML Briefing Days respond to demand by our ISV partners and
customers for information on XML and XML-related technologies.  These
intensive one-day events are designed to brief developers, program
managers, software engineers and IT architects on XML and its applications,
current market trends, the growing availability of XML products, and the
implementation of XML-based e-business solutions by IBM customers.  XML
Briefing Days cover a range of XML technologies with special emphasis on
the XML-based technologies that form Web services such as SOAP, UDDI, and
WSDL.  Participants will receive an updated XML/Web services CD containing
sample code and tools, tutorials, and articles by leading experts.

There is no charge to attend IBM's XML Briefing Days.  Seating is limited.
 **Register today at  http://www.developer.ibm.com/spc/events/index.htm

**Topics covered**
-   Core XML technologies - XML, XMLSchema, DTD, XSL, etc.;
-   New XML-based Web services initiatives - UDDI, SOAP, WSDL, Web
-   XML's role into Java applications involving Servlet, JSP, and JDBC;
-   e-business and e-commerce scenarios for applying XML, XSL, SOAP, etc.;
-   XML-based tools, products, and solutions.

Sessions will be held at IBM Solution Partnership Centers.  Event dates:
Paris, France                     June 11  9:00-5:30
Hursley, England             June 12  9:30-5:00 (Bedfont location)
Stuttgart, Germany           June 15  9:30-5:00
Bangalore, India              June 22  9:30-6:00
Melbourne, Australia      June 26  9:00-5:00
Sydney, Australia            June 28  9:00-5:00
Shanghai, China              July  2  9:30-5:30

Jennifer Victor
Manager, e-business Technologies Marketing
IBM Corporation
408.777.5815  (t/l 240.5815)

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