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Subject: [announce] XyEnterprise Content@ 3.0 Upgrade Enhances ContentManagement, Translation, and Publishing for Tweddle Litho Company

Please find below the latest press announcement from XyEnterprise. Please
let me know if you would like more information or would like to schedule an

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

Joy B. Scott
Longleaf PR

XyEnterprise Content@ 3.0 Upgrade Enhances Content Management, Translation,
and Publishing for Tweddle Litho Company

Leading Producer of Automotive Service Materials Cites Improved Content@
Capabilities; New System Deployed with No Production Downtime

READING, MA - Feb. 25, 2003 - XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML
content management and enterprise publishing solutions, announced today that
longtime customer Tweddle Litho Company, a leading outsource provider of
authoring, information management, translation, and publishing services, has
completed a successful upgrade to Content@ 3.0, the latest version of
XyEnterprise’s XML content management and workflow software.

Tweddle Litho Company is the world’s largest supplier of automotive owners’
literature, producing owner’s manuals, maintenance schedules, service
manuals, and other key documents for top U.S., European, and Japanese
automotive manufacturers.  Tweddle originally selected XyEnterprise's
content management application to manage the vast, complex amount of
information needed to produce these manuals, including ongoing updates and
translating the documents into as many as 30 different languages.  Tweddle
also selected XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP) to produce
both printed and electronic manuals from the same information source.

The initial system rolled into production in 1996 and provided immediate
benefits, reducing production time for some manuals from six months to two
weeks.  Recently, faced with a comprehensive overhaul of its legacy systems
and operating platform, Tweddle decided to incorporate an upgrade to the
enhanced user features and the new API of Content@ 3.0 as part of its IT

Maintaining full production during the upgrade process was a top priority
for Tweddle. XyEnterprise offered its full support by developing the upgrade
plan, staging a test upgrade environment at XyEnterprise, and developing and
modifying the interactive tools for Tweddle’s customers to use in
conjunction with the new system.

“XyEnterprise dedicated its full resources to ensuring a seamless upgrade,”
says Application Development Team Leader Jay Baldwin with Tweddle Litho
Company.  “They were extremely responsive to our needs, especially in light
of the multiple system and platform changes we were undertaking at the

The complete upgrade, from planning to go-live, was completed in four
months.  As with any system change of this size and complexity, some
trouble-shooting and problem resolution followed, but overall, Baldwin and
his team consider the upgrade a success.  The benefits of the new Content@
system were also soon apparent, in particular the simpler user interface and
navigation window which directly enhanced the interaction of authors and
translators with the structured content managed in the Content@ system.

“Our internal authoring team is very happy with the new system’s
user-friendliness.  These features have allowed us to realize even greater
efficiencies in authoring, translating, and producing our documents,” says
Baldwin.  “We’re very pleased with our decision to upgrade to the new
Content@ system and with the support we’ve received from XyEnterprise
throughout the entire process.”

About Tweddle Litho Company

Tweddle Litho is a full service information development, management, and
delivery source. This turnkey responsibility includes authoring,
translations, composition, database management, graphic arts design,
prepress, printing and binding, specialty finishing, and complete mailing
and distribution. More information about Tweddle Litho is available at

About XyEnterprise

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider
of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions.  Its XML content
management software - Content@ - and its automated XML publishing engine -
XPP - power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing,
technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas.  Its
customers include Boeing, Bureau of National Affairs, Gulfstream, IBM,
Thomson and Thomson, Sun Microsystems, LexisNexis, and many others.  For
more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or
www.xyenterprise.com <http://www.xyenterprise.com/>.

Copyright © 2003 Xyvision Enterprise Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.
Xyvision, XyEnterprise, Content@, ProServ and the swirl logo are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. All other
product and/or company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their
respective holders.

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