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Subject: XTRADYNE announces Web Services Security Gateway

2 April BERLIN / FRANKFURT - Xtradyne Technologies, the leading vendor
for pluggable eBusiness security, today announced the Web Services
Security Domain Boundary Controller (WS-DBC), a comprehensive security
solution to securely expose Web Services across network domains.

The Web Services DBC is a platform and vendor neutral SOAP gateway
that implements Web Services standards including SOAP, WSDL,
WS-Security, SAML, and XML Digital Signature. The Web Services DBC can
be easily integrated into existing Web Services infrastructures without
modifying application and provides WS-Security and unified security
management across platforms, such as Microsoft .NET, IBM WebSphereTM,
BEA WebLogic, Java WSDK, IONA ASP, and Systinet WASP.

According to Dr. Gerald Brose, Technical Product Manager Web Services
at Xtradyne, the Web Services DBC is an essential cornerstone for a
successful Web Services strategy. "Security is the most pressing
concern for any production use of Web Services", Brose said. "With the
WS-DBC, Xtradyne provides high-performance security to the enterprise
that is both reliable and low overhead. The platform neutrality of the
WS-DBC lets customers integrate it in their systems in a matter of
minutes. Exposing a Web Service securely using the WSDL import
features of the WS-DBC is extremely simple."

The WS-DBC will be supported on the Solaris 8 and 9 platforms, and on
Linux.  Xtradyne has already, together with Quadrasis, Inc., Waltham,
released a gateway product with extensive security integration
features for Windows platforms, the Xtradyne/Quadrasis SOAP Content
Inspector. The Xtradyne WS-DBC will be generally available on 1 May

Key features of the WS-DBC include:

* High-performance, simple SOAP security without programming
* Convenient service exposure using WSDL
* Security integration of various service platforms
* Unified security management, and simple administration
* Expressive policy models, and fine-grained, role-based access control (RBAC)
* B2B support through federated trust using SAML and credentials mappings
* Rich set of authentication mechanisms
* Message validation using XML schema
* Message integrity and confidentiality
* Transport security using SSL/TLS
* Separate Policy Server for enterprise-level security management
* OCSP support for certificate revocation checks
* Support for SSL accelerator cards
* Enterprise integration with LDAP support
* Auditing, Monitoring, and secure Logging

About Xtradyne:

Xtradyne's particular field since its foundation in 1999 has been
security for applications relying on standard middleware, such as Web
Services, J2EE, EJB, and CORBA. Using Xtradyne's cost-effective,
turn-key runtime components, customers can securely run business
applications across domain boundaries, and also make them available
via the Internet without security risks.

The company Xtradyne, founded by the two co-CEOs Tim Eckardt and
Sebastian Staamann, is represented in Berlin and Frankfurt, Germany.

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