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Subject: OASIS Member News: XyEnterprise Announces Release of XML Professional Publisher 7.2

XyEnterprise Announces Release of XML Professional Publisher 7.2

READING, MA - April 9, 2003 - XyEnterprise, the leading developer of XML
content management and enterprise publishing software, announced today that
it has released XML Professional Publisher Version 7.2. This latest release
of XyEnterprise’s powerful publishing software contains new features
designed to enhance the creation, deployment, and support of XML publishing
environments. Customers as diverse as R.R. Bowker, Motor Information Group,
Letterpart Ltd (U.K.), Portalyx (Netherlands), Grafikon (Belgium), Reed
Technology and Information Services Inc. (RTIS), a subsidiary of Reed
Elsevier Group plc (NYSE: RUK and ENL), the Boeing Company (NYSE: BA), and
i2 Technologies, Inc. (Nasdaq: ITWO) have already implemented this new
release and are utilizing its enhanced feature set.

XML Professional Publisher (XPP) is the proven standards-based composition,
transformation and rendering software for complex and automated publishing
in the technical documentation, commercial, legal, journal, and financial
publishing markets. Leading corporations use XPP to process and transform
XML and other structured content into high quality PDF and print output.
This latest release extends programmatic access to XPP’s publishing
functions by integrating an adapter for the Perl programming language. This
access enables customers to use industry standard Perl scripts and programs
to reduce the cost of systems deployment and enhance the integration of the
XPP publishing engine with content management systems, databases, and other
sources of enterprise content.

XPP 7.2 also includes a new MathML module for the import, use, and
publishing of MathML structure and content, further enhancing XPP’s
capabilities to add value to XML standards-based publishing workflows. This
functionality is particularly important for XPP’s wide variety of users in
the STM (Scientific, Technical, and Medical) Journals market, the textbook
publishing market, and e-Leaning and testing organizations.

Portalyx, a Netherlands-based reseller and integrator of XML Professional
Publisher, uses XPP 7.2 to support a wide range of publishing environments.
Recently, Portalyx employed XPP 7.2 to migrate a major customer to a MathML
environment and simplify text processing through the new Perl program
access. Ellyn Larson, CEO of Portalyx, said, “XPP 7.2 builds on the core
strengths of XPP’s high speed composition engine, extending its XML support
and integration flexibility. We find it a powerful and agile platform for
producing high quality PDF output fast and reliably, meeting the toughest
formatting challenges for our broad range of international customers.”

Jon Parsons, director of Product Marketing, XyEnterprise, commented, “XPP
7.2 shows our continued commitment to standards-based publishing,
business-driven product features, support of a wide spectrum of different
solution environments, especially the enterprise application of XML for
content management, formatting, and transformation.”

XPP 7.2 is available now and complements the recently announced Web Services
Development Kit for XPP. Learn more about XPP 7.2, automated XML publishing,
and the new Web Services interface at XyEnterprise’s ongoing Webinar series
at www.XyEnterprise.com <http://www.XyEnterprise.com>.

About XyEnterprise

Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. (XyEnterprise) is the leading provider
of single source, multi-channel XML publishing solutions.  Its XML content
management software - Content@ - and its automated XML publishing engine -
XPP - power sophisticated solutions for global leaders in the publishing,
technical documentation, financial, government, and e-Learning arenas.  Its
customers include Boeing, Bureau of National Affairs, Gulfstream, IBM,
Thomson and Thomson, Sun Microsystems, LexisNexis, and many others.  For
more information, please contact XyEnterprise at 781.756.4400 or
www.xyenterprise.com <http://www.xyenterprise.com/>.

#	#	#

Copyright © 2003 Xyvision Enterprise Solutions Inc. All rights reserved.
Xyvision, XyEnterprise, Content@, ProServ and the swirl logo are trademarks
or registered trademarks of Xyvision Enterprise Solutions, Inc. All other
product and/or company names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their
respective holders.

Joy Blake Scott
Longleaf Public Relations
Phone: 303-639-6069
Fax: 303-639-9062

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