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Subject: Recordare Adds MusicXML Export to Sibelius

Recordare Adds MusicXML Export to Sibelius

LOS ALTOS, CALIFORNIA (April 15, 2003) - Recordare LLC, an Internet
music software and publishing company, has released a beta version of
its Dolet for Sibelius software. Dolet for Sibelius is a Sibelius 2.1
plug-in for exporting files to the MusicXML format. Sibelius users on
both Windows and Macintosh can now share their music with people using
Finale, Igor Engraver, and many other programs that can read MusicXML

Recordare's Dolet software provides "universal translators" between
music notation programs. Dolet for Sibelius is the second member of this
product family. The newly released Dolet for Finale 1.1 plug-in provides
highly accurate exchange of music notation to and from Finale, now
including support for percussion notation. Both of the Dolet plug-ins
support MusicXML 0.7, the latest release of the MusicXML standard for
digital sheet music.

"Dolet for Sibelius is another major step in MusicXML's development as a
truly universal format for music notation programs," stated Michael
Good, CEO of Recordare LLC. "Sibelius 2.1 users can now share their
music not only with Finale users, but with Sibelius 1.4 users as well.
We are also pleased to expand our MusicXML software to the Macintosh,
and look forward to having Dolet for Finale available on the Macintosh
later this year."

MusicXML is supported by over a dozen different programs running on
Windows, Macintosh, and Linux systems. In addition to Sibelius 2.1, the
past few months have seen MusicXML support added to many music software
packages. These include Igor Engraver 1.7, MusicEase 8.1, Virtual
Composer 3.4, BarFly 1.3, the Java Music Specification Language (JMSL),
and MuseBook Score. These programs join such early adopters as Finale,
SharpEye Music Reader, Project XEMO, Middle C, and TaBazar. This
combined support makes MusicXML far and away the most widely adopted
music notation format since MIDI.

For additional information, please contact Michael Good at:

  Recordare LLC
  PO Box 3459
  Los Altos, CA 94024

  Toll-free: (866) XML-NOTE or 965-6683
  International: +1 (650) 965-7267

Note to Editors: Recordare is a registered trademark of Recordare LLC.
Dolet is a trademark of Recordare LLC. Sibelius is a registered
trademark of Sibelius Software Limited. Finale is a registered trademark
of MakeMusic! Inc. 

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