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Subject: OASIS Member News: DataPower Announces XKMS Support for its XS40 XML Security Gateway, Enables Interoperability with Managed PKI Services and Systems

DataPower Announces XKMS Support for its XS40 XML Security Gateway, Enables
Interoperability with Managed PKI Services and Systems

Agility of DataPower’s Hardware Technology Demonstrated by Yet Another
Advanced XML Security Feature Added in Record Time

RSA CONFERENCE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA and Cambridge, MA - April 14, 2003 -
DataPower Technology, Inc., the leading provider of intelligent XML-aware
network infrastructure, today announced the availability of XKMS (XML Key
Management Specification) client support integrated with the DataPower XS40
XML Security Gateway™. The XS40 can now act as an XKMS client to verify the
validity of certificates and retrieve keys as necessary to secure XML Web
Services transactions without coding complex Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
functions into every application.

Public key cryptography is at the heart of WS-Security, XML Digital
Signature and XML Encryption. XKMS makes it easy for corporations to obtain
and manage certificates required for XML Web Services security. Leading PKI
vendors such as VeriSign, Entrust and RSA Security have added support for
XKMS to their digital certificate authority (CA) offerings to make PKI
accessible to a broader array of applications -- without the cost and
complexity of traditional PKI development.

"Our customers are increasingly reliant on XML cryptography to secure
transactions," said Rich Salz, Chief Security Architect at DataPower
Technology Inc. "The agile design of the XS40 makes it easy for DataPower to
add and update support for critical XML Web Services security specifications
such as XKMS."

DataPower's XS40 is the only XML security gateway that leverages its world's
fastest, patent-pending XG3™ technology to deliver throughput not possible
in software products. This performance advantage provides superior levels of
security for a broad range XML Web services security functions, including
XML filtering, schema validation, XML Encryption, XML Signature,
WS-Security, XKMS and others, all of which require extensive XML processing.

The performance of the XS40 is complemented by an industry leading
XML-centric architecture within which all security policies are expressed as
XML files. This enables the unique agility of the XS40, which is necessary
for enterprises to efficiently cope with changing standards, policies and
partners. The XS40 XML Security Gateway is used by major corporations such
as RouteOne, an automotive credit consortium of GM, Ford, DaimlerChrysler
and Toyota.

DataPower Technology is exhibiting at RSA Conference in San Francisco, April
13th to 17th - Booth #1530. DataPower is leading the RSA session entitled
"Software-based Security Alone Cannot Secure XML Web Services" on Monday,
April 17th at 1:00 PM PT.

About DataPower Technology
DataPower Technology provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patent-pending XML Generation Three (XG3™) technology powers the
industry's first wirespeed XML acceleration devices that provide immediate
return on technology investments while streamlining application deployments.
Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held and based in Cambridge, MA.
Investors include Seed Capital Partners, Venrock Associates and Mobius
Venture Capital. For more information about DataPower Technology, please
contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.


For more information please contact:

Kevin Anderson
DataPower Technology, Inc.
617-864-0455 x360

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