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Subject: LISA Forum Europe - London - June 30 - July 3

Managing Content - Moving Markets
Streamlining Global Workflow Through Content Management
London, June 30-July 3, 2003

!Register now for Early-Bird savings!

REGISTRATION	http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/registration.html
FORUM OVERVIEW	http://www.lisa.org/events/2003uk/index.html

The Localization Industry Standards Association's 46th international
conference will focus on today's number one international business
challenge: Global Content Management. Companies from the established
automotive and banking industry to high tech software and news media are
looking for ways to increase their ability to produce and deliver
quality goods and services. Global workflow is a fundamental strategy in
achieving this. 

The 2003 LISA Forum Europe international conference will focus on how
companies are leveraging cultural, product, customer, and financial
knowledge gained through existing operations to explore new business and
facilitate market expansion. 
Workgroup, Advisory leaders and invited speakers include * Archetypon *
BBC World Service * Bentley Systems Europe * BMW * Canon Systems
Management Europe * CLS Corporate Language Services * Connect Global
Solutions * Department of Trade & Industry * Documentum * Diluceo GmbH *
EMC Corporation * GlobalSight * Hewlett-Packard * IBM * HSBC * i18N Inc
*  Isogen International * JD Edwards * Language Technology Centre *
MultiCorpora R&D * Multilizer * Oce Technologies * Oracle * RWS Group *
SAP * Sempra Energy * SDL International * Siemens * Standard Chartered
Bank * STAR * Systran * text & form Software-Lokalisierung * Trados *
WH&P * Xerox * XML International

The program will feature case-studies, panel and workgroup discussions

- Global Content Management: The Business Case
- The Market for Globalized Voice Applications
- GMS Systems - What is being delivered today and how!
- Web Services and Open-Standards
- Cutting Translation and Localisation Costs 

- Tools Benchmarking by Comparing Best Technologies
- Implementing Knowledge for Worldwide Training: GMS = A Fast Track
- Bidi-- the puzzling four letter word - Challenges and opportunities
- Vendor Selection - Choosing the Partner and Technology that is Right
for You!
- Business Advisory: The SLV and MLV Decision Making Criteria

- Globalization Consultancy - Managing Implementations Successfully
- Leveraging Global Customer Support to Expanding Market Presence and
- Machine Translation-- How it cuts costs and where!

- Automating Localisation Workflow
- Creating Multilingual Websites  
- Managing Localization Projects
- UNICODE and Asian Character Sets
- Internationalization and Localization Testing


**LISA Forum Europe Exhibitors**
Language Technology Centre . STAR . Trados . SDL International . PASS

**LISA Forum Europe Sponsor and Collaborator Members**
CLS Corporate Language Services . Hewlett-Packard
Logos Group . WH&P . STAR 

- Notices -
LISA is the premier organization providing the mechanisms, services and
network for professionals interested in sharing information on the
development of globalization and localization processes, tools,
web-technologies and business models -- so that they can become more
effective in their own business. 

* We apologize if you received duplicates of this announcement.
* For further information regarding this event, please contact

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