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Subject: DataPower and Tokyo Electron Limited First to Expand XAN into Japanese Market


Distribution of XS40 XML Security Gateway and XA35 XML Accelerator to Drive
Secure Web Services and High-performance XML Applications in Japanese

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. - June 17, 2003 - DataPower Technology, Inc., the leading
provider of intelligent XML-aware network infrastructure, announced today
that Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL) has commenced the distribution of the
DataPower XS40 XML Security Gateway(tm) and the DataPower XA35 XML
Accelerator(tm) to meet the demand for XML-Aware Networking devices in Japan
for the deployment of secure Web Services and high-performance XML

"TEL selected DataPower based on a diligent search criteria that required
real-world customer references for current shipping products, the fastest
XML processing, most comprehensive XML security, and a true network device
for building trusted and reliable network environments for XML and Web
Service applications," said Vic Amano, VP & General Manager of the Computer
Network Business Unit, TEL

Larry D'Angelo, Vice President of Sales at DataPower Technology Inc added,
"TEL's leading experience and success with network solutions from leading
vendors like F5 Networks, Extreme Networks and Netscreen Technologies
combined with the tremendous growth in the XML Web Services and security
markets in Japan will significantly strengthen our presence there and
provide a tremendous opportunity for DataPower's XML-aware networking

DataPower and TEL represents the first partnership to deliver the necessary
network infrastructure for building secure and robust XML and Web Service
applications for mission-critical business tools including E-commerce
systems for banking, securities, and manufacturing (supply chains); Large
scale portals that offer dynamic content, such as stock data; Enterprise
Application Integration (EAI) or Enterprise Information Portal (EIP)
applications in large enterprises; and the system integrators (SI) focused
on XML and Web Services development.  Leading global analyst firm IDC
projects the total Japanese IT solutions market will reach US $36.7 billion
in 2006 and the security appliance market there is expected to grow
explosively over the next several years.

"For XML and Web Services ultimate success, XML security and processing
needs to be offloaded from expensive, overburdened general purpose servers
to intelligent XML-aware networks," says Eugene Kuznetsov, chairman and CTO
at DataPower Technology Inc.  "We are the leading provider of XAN because
DataPower's XML networking products are purpose-built network devices and
uniquely designed to meet the global demands for XML Web Service security,
XML processing, and support for ever-changing standards and corporate
security policies."

Kazutoshi Ono, President of Appresso K.K., says, "At Appresso, we anticipate
that sales of XML-aware networking products will further accelerate the
development of large-scale XML systems. We see demand for the use of our own
DataSpider XML service integration platform with DataPower's XA35 and XS40
for higher processing speeds and stronger security required in large-scale
EAI projects or application integration using Web Services."

DataPower's XAN devices were selected by TEL because:
XS40 XML Security Gateway:
* Leading Real-world Customer Support: DataPower has been delivering XML
optimization solutions since 1999 and has more referenced customers than any
other XAN vendor.  Constant customer interaction and thousands of test files
ensure that DataPower products are the most standards-compliant offerings on
the market today.
* World's fastest XML security: XML security requires the difficult and CPU
intensive processing of XML data that cannot be handled efficiently in
software.  Powered by mature XG3(tm) technology representing the fastest XML
processing in the world, the XS40 is the only solution to provide complete
XML Web Service security with the wirespeed performance necessary for
real-world, enterprise-class applications.
* Most comprehensive XML security functions: All XML and transport layer
(TLS) security functions in one device including WS-Security, XKMS,
XML-digital signature, XML encryption, Secure Socket Layer (SSL), XACML,
SAML.  And only DataPower has undergone independent vulnerability testing to
ensure its products are ready for production deployments.
* Most Agile: Unique XML-based architecture allows enterprises to easily
adapt to changing and varied standards, applications & policies on demand.
Further, the XS40 is an appliance-based solution for easy deployment without
any application code changes and fast deployment into existing networks.

XA35 XML Accelerator:
* Unmatched Performance: DataPower's XG3 technology provides a 20x
performance advantage over other XML processing tools, enabling the XA35 to
deliver XML performance orders-of-magnitude faster than any other product.
And only DataPower has had its performance validated by third-parties,
including Network Computing Magazine whose hands-on testing led them to
award DataPower "Infrastructure Product of the Year" for 2003.
* Reduced Costs and Proven ROI: The XA35 offloads the XML processing from
existing infrastructure thereby reducing capital and operation cost
associated with expensive general-purpose servers that are otherwise needed
for high-performance applications.
* On Demand Scalability - Headroom for new functionality & peak performance
from a network device that installs in hours and requires no code changes to
existing applications.
* Only Solution with IDE Support - DataPower's XAN devices are the only to
support leading Integrated Development Environments (IDE) plug-ins so that
developers are not forced to learn a new system or work with an unfamiliar
tool for building applications.

About Tokyo Electron Limited (TEL)
TEL, commemorating its upcoming 40-year anniversary, established in 1963,
sells and provides support for a wide range of leading-edge network products
and is the world's second largest manufacturer of semiconductor
manufacturing.  To support its diverse product base, TEL has strategically
located research and development, manufacturing, sales and service locations
all over the world. TEL is a publicly held company listed on the Tokyo Stock
Exchange.  For more information, visit http://www.tel.co.jp.

About DataPower Technology 
DataPower Technology provides enterprises with intelligent XML-Aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patent-pending XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology powers
the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that provide
immediate return on technology investments while streamlining application
deployments. Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held and based in
Cambridge, MA. Investors include Seed Capital Partners, Venrock Associates
and Mobius Venture Capital. For more information about DataPower Technology,
please contact 617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

Safe Harbor Statement:
Certain statements contained herein, including statements regarding the
development of services and markets and future demand for services and other
statements regarding matters that are not historical facts, are
forward-looking statements (as defined in the Private Securities Litigation
Reform Act of 1995). Such forward-looking statements include risks and
uncertainties; consequently, actual results may differ materially from those
expressed or implied thereby.  DataPower Technology Inc, Tokyo Electron
Limited, F5 Networks Inc (FFIV), Extreme Networks Inc. (EXTR), Netscreen
Technologies Inc (NSCN), Appresso K.K. and all other trademarks and/or
company names mentioned are the property of their respective owners.

For more information please contact:
Kevin M Anderson			
DataPower Technology, Inc.				
617-864-0455 x360					

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