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Subject: [announce] DataPower First to Break Gigabit Barrier for XML Processing with its XG4 XML Chip


XML-aware Network Leader Unveils Fourth Generation ASIC-based XML
Hardware for Embedding Web Services Security, XML Acceleration
throughout the Datacenter

LAS VEGAS-Networld+Interop-May 11, 2004 - DataPower, the leader in
XML-aware networking, today announced the XG4[tm] (XML Generation 4)
product family of XML chips and modules. The XG4 family, unveiled at
Networld+Interop [Booth #2559], is the first XML networking security and
acceleration solution to deliver gigabit performance necessary for
today's high-speed network and server infrastructure. The breakthrough
is already being recognized by the industry (see "DATAPOWER'S XG4 XML
2004 LAS VEGAS", May 10, 2004).

DataPower's groundbreaking network devices have been in production at
the world's largest organizations for years, helping secure and
accelerate billions of dollars in transactions. DataPower XG4 subsystems
offer OEMs this field-proven XML processing technology in a broad range
of form factors, speed ratings and features. The patent-pending XG4
architecture combines DataPower's XML ASIC, off-the-shelf components and
proprietary driver software to perform XPath and XML Schema validation
directly in hardware. The XG4 product family allows OEMs, such as
network vendors or blade server manufacturers, to embed XML Web Services
security in traditional firewalls or security switches, SOAP load
balancing in server load balancers, or XML acceleration in routers.
These XML-aware networking functions are also key for virtualizing blade

"Since inventing XML-aware networking in 1999, DataPower has continued
to aggressively deliver breakthrough capabilities critical to its broad
adoption throughout the network infrastructure," said Steve Willis,
DataPower's VP Advanced Technology. "The fourth generation of
DataPower's award-winning XML processing technology enables DataPower's
large ecosystem of industry leading partners to directly embed the
fastest, most powerful XML-aware functionality directly into their
gear-delivering the industry's widest range of options for both vendors
and customers. We are extremely pleased to be the first company to break
the coveted gigabit-per-second barrier for XML processing."

"Performance has challenged XML implementers since we introduced XML in
1998," said Dave Hollander, Contivo CTO and co-inventor of XML. "I knew
new technologies would overcome the challenge and allow developers to
take full advantage of XML and Schema based validation. XML validation,
transformation and security technologies in the DataPower XG4 make it
practical to truly take advantage of XML throughout the enterprise."

The launch of DataPower's OEM program and fourth generation of
award-winning XML processing technology is yet another industry first
and a continuation of the company's five year XML-aware networking
vision. The availability of a highly embeddable, comprehensive XML-aware
solution will further extend the proliferation of intelligent XML-aware
network infrastructure into every part of the new datacenter. 

Pricing and Availability
XG4 ASIC-based subsystems are currently available to qualifying
manufacturers as PCI card or PMC module, with PCI-X support available in
the Q3. XG4 chipsets can also be integrated into custom solutions.
Pricing is dependent on volumes, speed rating and features. 

About DataPower Technology, Inc. 
DataPower provides enterprises with intelligent XML-aware network
infrastructure to ensure unparalleled performance, security and
manageability of next-generation applications and XML Web Services.
DataPower's patent-pending XML Generation Three (XG3(tm)) technology
powers the industry's first wire-speed XML-aware networking devices that
provide immediate return on technology investments while streamlining
application deployments. Founded in 1999, DataPower is privately held.
For more information about DataPower Technology, please contact
617-864-0455 or visit www.datapower.com.

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