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Subject: Page Composition Breakthrough Delivers Savings, Speeds Production

Page Composition Breakthrough Delivers Savings, Speeds Production

A new batch composition service from Innodata Isogen will help publishers speed stylesheet development and realize cost savings of up to 50 percent on most batch production runs.

Featured in a report on batch composition outsourcing by research firm InfoTrends/CAP Ventures, this next-generation, hosted-solution model enables publishers to generate multiple content deliverables, retain the rights to style assets and slash nearly 3 to 4 weeks from typical composition workflows.

To learn more about this revolutionary advance in page composition, register for our Webinar series: "It’s a Question of Style, Taking Page Composition to a Higher Level" and "A Great Leap Forward in Page Composition." Scheduled for October 5th and 12th, the Webinars will:

  • Highlight the dangers of being trapped by proprietary solutions
  • Stress why the time is right for a revolutionary step forward in page composition
  • Introduce Innodata Isogen’s hosted batch composition offering and detail how it will:
    • deliver significant cost savings
    • shorten production timeframes
    • minimize the risks of switching to different technology platforms or composition vendors

BONUS OFFER: When you register, you can also download a free copy of the InfoTrends/CAP Ventures report on batch composition outsourcing.

To register for these Webinars and download the white paper, click here:


You are also invited to visit our Page Composition resource page, where you may read other material that will help you determine whether this solution is right for your organization.


Thank you,

Innodata Isogen
Three University Plaza
Hackensack, NJ 07601

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