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Subject: OASIS Member News: Paremus and Choreology enable Business Transactions on SOA Grid

Paremus and Choreology enable Business Transactions on SOA Grid

Infiniflow and Cohesions combine to bring grid benefits to
high-throughput transactional applications

London, UK, 26th September 2005 - Paremus and Choreology today announced
the integration of Cohesions 3.0 business process transaction
capabilities into Infiniflow(tm) - the Enterprise Service Fabric(tm).
The combined solution provides businesses with a high performance,
service-oriented, enterprise grid capable of supporting complex business
transaction workloads.

"The realization of distributed processing environments able to support
high transactional throughput, is now an achievable goal within the data
center," said Dr. Richard Nicholson, CTO, Paremus. "The quantifiable
resilience characteristics and agility of the Infiniflow fabric, means
that clients can migrate away from expensive legacy mainframes to a
fully service-oriented distributed solution, safe in the knowledge that
the availability and scalability requirements for their critical
transaction processing requirements, can not only be met, but frequently

Infiniflow is an enterprise service fabric offering distributed grid
processing, enterprise messaging and data caching for distributed
SOA-based business applications via one convergent solution. Offering
true autonomic operation for unparalleled application resilience and
dynamic grid resource allocation, Infiniflow delivers a high
performance, transactional platform for message-based, data-centric and
flow-oriented applications, dramatically improving performance and
reliability while reducing TCO.

Choreology Cohesions is the first product to make application-level
coordination and process synchronization a reality in today's
heterogeneous enterprise. The result of more than $10m R&D investment
and four years' engineering effort, Cohesions significantly enhances the
management of business transactions that span and coordinate multiple
applications. The rapid movement to real-time processing of partner and
customer business transactions, has created applications that touch many
existing, business-critical systems within an enterprise and require
higher degrees of coordination to avoid costly reconciliation and
repairs as a result of avoidable processing breaks or buried failures.

The Infiniflow integration is based on Cohesions 3.0, a recent major
functional release of Choreology's product, which includes support for
Jini Transactions and the Java Transaction API (JTA). Transactional
interoperation with J2EE application servers allows business
transactions to flow into containers, to subordinate JTA transactions
and XA resources, and also allows a J2EE application to export
transactions to distributed web services and MOM listeners. In addition
Cohesions 3.0 is now available as an industrial-strength replacement for
the standard JBoss JTA transaction manager.

"Clients leveraging the Infiniflow enterprise service fabric will now be
able to realize the cost savings enabled by conventional grid computing,
but across a vastly increased range of business applications", said
Alastair Green, CEO, Choreology. "We believe that the Paremus execution
environment is a real advance on existing ESB, BPM and grid products,
and are very pleased to contribute both Jini and business transaction
support to the Infiniflow platform."

About Paremus
Formed in 2001 by senior IT architects from the investment banking
industry, Paremus is an independent solutions company, combining the
skills and experience of industry practitioners with recognized thought

Paremus founders believe that next generation business applications will
be built upon self-healing, dynamically scalable and functionally
evolvable service fabrics, providing unprecedented cost, resilience and
agility benefits. To realize this enterprise grid vision, Paremus has
developed Infiniflow - The Enterprise Service Fabric(tm). Leveraging
complex adaptive system design principles to achieve true autonomic
behaviour, the Infiniflow compute fabric can be implemented to address
an immediate business issue, and then dynamically scaled to encompass
the requirements of the entire enterprise.

Paremus is a founder sponsor of the Enterprise Grid Alliance.

About Choreology
Founded in 2001, Choreology Ltd is a privately-held company,
headquartered in London. Choreology staff have played a formative and
instrumental role in industry thinking and standards formation in the
field of loosely-coupled transaction management, based on decades of
work on transaction processing systems.

Choreology provides Business Transaction Management (BTM) software,
which enables distributed recoverable coordination. Our BTM software
allows consistency and timely and pinpoint failure awareness to be added
to existing applications. The same benefits can be obtained by business
process management, ESB/MOM and composite application/SOA products which
embed our technology.

For more information please visit www.choreology.com or contact:

Alastair Green, CEO & CTO, Choreology Ltd
mailto:alastair.green@choreology.com or

Mike Leznar, VP Engineering & Product Development, Choreology Ltd

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