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Subject: OASIS Member News: SiberLogic Releases Version 6 of SiberSafe XML CMS, including SiberSafe DITA Edition, and SiberSafe S1000D Edition

Toronto, Canada  - May 9, 2006 - SiberLogic, a leading provider of
innovative XML content technology today releases Version 6 of SiberSafe XML
CMS, including SiberSafe DITA Edition, and SiberSafe S1000D Edition.  

About SiberSafe
The SiberSafe content management product range is the only solution on the
market today that combines a mature, feature-rich XML CMS with knowledge
modeling technology for ontology/taxonomy management.

SiberSafe XML CMS provides a robust and productive environment for authoring
teams producing complex, evolving documentation using XML. Designed
specifically for collaborative authoring and review, SiberSafe increases the
efficiency of XML content development, maintenance, and retrieval - across
teams, across organizations, and across linguistic boundaries.
SiberSafe supports all major authoring and publication tools, and any
JDBC-compliant database, making it the most versatile and flexible XML
content management solution available.
New in SiberSafe V6
With V6, SiberSafe delivers major new functionality to help documentation
teams - whether five authors or 500 - get more done, more quickly and easily
than ever:

. Reduce content authoring costs with SiberSafe Communicator, a
fully-integrated full-featured no-cost XML Editor, ideal for teams that need
additional authoring capacity, or that have not yet made their XML authoring
tool decision.

. Save time and effort with our comprehensive FrameMaker integration.  All
SiberSafe functionality is now directly accessible from FrameMaker 7.2 via
menus and context-sensitive commands.
. Increase throughput via new browser-based review functionality.  Managers
can now add collaborative content reviewers to the documentation process
without additional third-party license fees.

. Streamline content processes and performance with a host of new features,
such as automated performance-related diagnostic tools; configurable online
dashboard buttons; expanded command line interface functionality; even
tighter integration between content and workflow; support for legacy
publication drivers; and more.

Browse the full feature list at www.siberlogic.com/sibersafe/ to discover
why SiberSafe V6 is the CMS of choice for technical documentation teams.

SiberSafe V6 Editions
The following Editions are also available as V6:
-SiberSafe DITA Edition
-SiberSafe S1000D Edition
-SiberSafe XML Reviewer

SiberSafe Knowledge Modeling Extension
Our innovative RDF/OWL-based knowledge modeling technology for
ontology/taxonomy management is now available via the SiberSafe Knowledge
Modeling application extension.
Pricing and evaluation
Pricing information and volume discounts on both full product and upgrade
licenses are available at www.siberlogic.com/pickup/page.asp?id=11.


Press contact:
Sandi Castle
Director, Marketing & Communications
SiberLogic, Inc.
(+1) 905 761 7334 x235

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