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Subject: ARIP TC Meeting Minutes from June 18th



Because there was a week longer in our meeting interval this month, I thought I would send out last meeting’s minutes as a refresher. This week, I am sending it to the list as well as to most of the individual addresses that I had access to. We’ve had trouble getting everyone to actually receive the email notices, so I would rather over communicate than under for a few weeks. Thanks!


Meeting Minutes for June 18, 2015


1.Roll Call, announce new members, and regrets.



Rhonda Truitt

Ray Gallon

Charles Cooper

Sally Martir

JoAnn Hackos

Christine Perey



Farhad Patel

Gregg Babb

Stephen Prideaux-Ghee

Scott Hudson


2.Volunteer for minute taking this week?

Sally Martir


3. News, stuff to share, questions for the committee, etc.

•What are people involved in for the next year as far as summits, conferences, etc.?

Charles, Ray and Sally will be attending the STC conference this week.

Action – All: Please put conferences names you will be attending, as well as speaking engagements on the ARIP TC wiki.


•Who offers AR SDKs now that Metaio is gone (nGRAIN, Wikitude, DAQRI?)?

Christine mentioned the following established and reputable companies: NGlobe technologies – integration with 3D models, Diotasoft has an SDK, HERE Nokia- geospacial, UNITY is the gaming design environment for Qualcomm to produce small runtime applications, ARASMA, HP online workflow for marketing and sales use cases, Layar SDK (marketing, sales, and print media), Catchoom image recognition and web based SDK, look at AWE expo exhibitors list,

Find vendors and compare what they offer…

•News and Rumors

There is tons of stuff on glasses in industry right now. Google Glasses are probably gone in the format we know them. They might return in a different format and limited or changed functionality.


4. Sub-teams- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

•Glossary Sub-Team (Rhonda and Greg)

Christine sent out the link to the existing work that had been done from the AR Community. We will use this as a starting point, edit and update. Christine also sent the IEEE letter to reuse for OASIS (permission to reuse).


•Research Sub-Team (Farhad, Ray, Scott, and Greg)

Ray has reached out, Farhad circulated a draft letter to folks, both are awaiting feedback.


•Outreach Sub-Team (Scott)

Scott is out – will get update when he returns.


5. Liaisons- status, information sharing, requests for assistance:

•European Tech Comm/ STC (Ray)

STC will be happening next week. Reached out to TCOMM and another group.


•OGC (Scott)

No status this week.

•Other AR Groups (Christine)

o   OGC meeting will be in Nottingham, September 15th and 17th (OGC role) and 18th (other standards meeting) there will be an AR summit

o   MPEG ISO working group ARAFT 2nd generation –

o   Mixed/Augmented Reality reference model (communications, information) interfaces and components, how to describe the system you want to build (almost done)

o   All use cases taken out of the document Christine presented at MIT conference and put as annexes.

o   July 7th and 8th – outreach campaign for the reference committee

o   ISO works with graphics X3D specification that describes the world in 3D – web 3D consortium – will participate in subcommittee 24 meeting


6. Action status from last week



o   Set up the wiki.

o   Created the memo to introduce ourselves –sent to other committee members for feedback.

o   Christine sent out the link and sample IEEE letter to duplicate for the glossary.

Still working:

o   Farhad going to research tools for screen-sharing for this meeting. Had issue with MIKOGO, will need to still look into possible tools.


7. Any other business?

No additional business.

Next time we will be meeting on Thursday, July 9th, 10AM CST (to avoid the NA holiday week).

8. Adjourn


Thank you!

Sally Martir

NA Documentation Project Manager

Huawei Technologies USA

5340 Legacy Drive, Suite 175, 238N

Plano, TX 75024

work: 469-277-5854

cell: 469-939-1504

email: sally.martir@huawei.com



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